scuba: Diving Calculations and Decompression Models

Code for describing and manipulating scuba diving profiles (depth-time curves) and decompression models, for calculating the predictions of decompression models, for calculating maximum no-decompression time and decompression tables, and for performing mixed gas calculations.

AuthorAdrian Baddeley [aut, cre], Vittorio Broglio [ctb, dtc], Pedro Antonio Neves [ctb, dtc], Andrew Bassom [ctb], Peter Buzzacott [ctb]
Date of publication2015-07-02 16:07:25
MaintainerAdrian Baddeley <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

air: Air

ascent: Ascent Rate or Time

baron: Real Scuba Dive Profile

bestdoubledive: Find the Best Double Dive To Given Depths

Bookspan: Tissue data from Bookspan's book

BuehlmannL16A: Decompression model ZH-L16A

chop.dive: Extract Part of a Dive Profile

deco.ceiling: Decompression Ceiling for a Diver

deepmine: Extremely Deep Decompression Dive

depths.dive: Depths at each waypoint of a dive

descent: Descent Rate or Time

dive: Define a Dive Profile

durations.dive: Durations of time between each waypoint of a dive

ead: Equivalent Air Depth

END: Equivalent Air Depth

haldane: Tissue Saturation by Haldane Model

hm: Haldane Type Model

is.nitrox: Recognise a Nitrox Gas

maxmix: Optimal Nitrox Mixture For Given Depth

Mmix: Compute M-values for a Mixture of Inert Gases

mod: Maximum Operating Depth

ndl: No-Decompression Limit

nitrox: Nitrox Mixture

oxtox: Pulmonary Oxygen Toxicity

param: Extract parameters from Haldane model

pedro: Real Scuba Dive Profiles

pickmodel: Standard Decompression Models

plot.dive: Plot a Dive Profile

ppO2: Oxygen Partial Pressures

print.dive: Print a Dive Profile

saturated.state: Saturated Tissue State

scuba.constants: Constants for Use in Scuba Package

scuba.disclaimer: Disclaimer for Scuba Library

scuba-internal: Internal scuba functions

scuba-package: The Scuba Package

showstates: Interactive Display of Diver Saturation

tanklist: Extract or Change the Breathing Gas Tanks in a Dive

times.dive: Elapsed times at each waypoint of a dive

trimix: Trimix Gas

whichtank: Which Tanks are Used during a Dive

Workman65: Decompression model of Workman 1965


air Man page
allspecies Man page
ascent Man page
as.character.gas Man page Man page
baron Man page
bestdoubledive Man page
Bookspan Man page
BuehlmannL16A Man page
capable Man page
chop.dive Man page
conform Man page
deco.ceiling Man page
deepmine Man page
depths.dive Man page
depths.dive<- Man page
descent Man page
dive Man page
dive.segment Man page
durations.dive Man page
durations.dive<- Man page
ead Man page
eadtable Man page
END Man page
gasnames Man page
haldane Man page
hm Man page
is.air Man page
is.dive Man page
is.gas Man page
is.nitrox Man page
is.rate Man page
M0mix Man page
maxmix Man page
Mmix Man page
mod Man page
ndl Man page
nitrox Man page
oxtox Man page
param Man page
pedro Man page
pedro902 Man page
pedro903 Man page
pedro904 Man page
pedro922 Man page
pedro943 Man page
pedro944 Man page
pedro945 Man page
pedro946 Man page
pedro948 Man page
pedro949 Man page
pedro950 Man page
pickmodel Man page
plot.dive Man page
ppO2 Man page
print.dive Man page
print.gas Man page Man page
print.rate Man page
print.summary.dive Man page
print.summary.gas Man page Man page
rate Man page
reconcile.df Man page
resolve.defaults Man page
saturated.state Man page
scuba Man page
scuba.constants Man page
scuba.disclaimer Man page
scuba-package Man page
showstates Man page
summary.dive Man page
summary.gas Man page Man page
tanklist Man page
tanklist<- Man page
times.dive Man page
times.dive<- Man page
timetaken Man page
trimix Man page
whichtank Man page
whichtank<- Man page
Workman65 Man page


scuba/R/haldane.R scuba/R/oxtox.R scuba/R/gas.R scuba/R/First.R scuba/R/hm.R scuba/R/doubledive.R scuba/R/dive.R scuba/R/constants.R
scuba/man/deco.ceiling.Rd scuba/man/BuehlmannL16A.Rd scuba/man/ead.Rd scuba/man/Bookspan.Rd scuba/man/param.Rd scuba/man/scuba.disclaimer.Rd scuba/man/scuba.constants.Rd scuba/man/whichtank.Rd scuba/man/plot.dive.Rd scuba/man/times.dive.Rd scuba/man/Mmix.Rd scuba/man/trimix.Rd scuba/man/dive.Rd scuba/man/ndl.Rd scuba/man/ppO2.Rd scuba/man/air.Rd scuba/man/print.dive.Rd scuba/man/Workman65.Rd scuba/man/descent.Rd scuba/man/ascent.Rd scuba/man/is.nitrox.Rd scuba/man/tanklist.Rd scuba/man/showstates.Rd scuba/man/bestdoubledive.Rd scuba/man/saturated.state.Rd scuba/man/hm.Rd scuba/man/pedro.Rd scuba/man/deepmine.Rd scuba/man/haldane.Rd scuba/man/mod.Rd scuba/man/depths.dive.Rd scuba/man/nitrox.Rd scuba/man/END.Rd scuba/man/scuba-package.Rd scuba/man/chop.dive.Rd scuba/man/durations.dive.Rd scuba/man/scuba-internal.Rd scuba/man/pickmodel.Rd scuba/man/baron.Rd scuba/man/oxtox.Rd scuba/man/maxmix.Rd

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