Man pages for scuba
Diving Calculations and Decompression Models

ascentAscent Rate or Time
baronReal Scuba Dive Profile
bestdoublediveFind the Best Double Dive To Given Depths
BookspanTissue data from Bookspan's book
BuehlmannL16ADecompression model ZH-L16A
chop.diveExtract Part of a Dive Profile
deco.ceilingDecompression Ceiling for a Diver
deepmineExtremely Deep Decompression Dive
depths.diveDepths at each waypoint of a dive
descentDescent Rate or Time
diveDefine a Dive Profile
durations.diveDurations of time between each waypoint of a dive
eadEquivalent Air Depth
ENDEquivalent Air Depth
haldaneTissue Saturation by Haldane Model
hmHaldane Type Model
is.nitroxRecognise a Nitrox Gas
maxmixOptimal Nitrox Mixture For Given Depth
MmixCompute M-values for a Mixture of Inert Gases
modMaximum Operating Depth
ndlNo-Decompression Limit
nitroxNitrox Mixture
oxtoxPulmonary Oxygen Toxicity
paramExtract parameters from Haldane model
pedroReal Scuba Dive Profiles
pickmodelStandard Decompression Models
plot.divePlot a Dive Profile
ppO2Oxygen Partial Pressures
print.divePrint a Dive Profile
saturated.stateSaturated Tissue State
scuba.constantsConstants for Use in Scuba Package
scuba.disclaimerDisclaimer for Scuba Library
scuba-internalInternal scuba functions
scuba-packageThe Scuba Package
showstatesInteractive Display of Diver Saturation
tanklistExtract or Change the Breathing Gas Tanks in a Dive
times.diveElapsed times at each waypoint of a dive
trimixTrimix Gas
whichtankWhich Tanks are Used during a Dive
Workman65Decompression model of Workman 1965
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