cutList-class: S4 class describing a cutList-object

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An object of class cutList holds constraints that can be extracted and used as for objects of class linProb-class. An object of class cutList consists of a constraint matrix (slot con), a vector of directions (slot direction) and a vector specifying the right hand sides of the constraints (slot rhs).


slot con:

an object of class simpleTriplet-class specifying the constraint matrix of the problem

slot direction:

a character vector holding the directions of the constraints, allowed values are:

  • ==: equal

  • <: less

  • >: greater

  • <=: less or equal

  • >=: greater or equal

slot rhs:

numeric vector holding right hand side values of the constraints


objects of class cutList are dynamically generated (and removed) during the cut and branch algorithm when solving the secondary cell suppression problem


Bernhard Meindl

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