dimVar-class: S4 class describing a dimVar-object

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An object of class dimVar holds all necessary information about a single dimensional variable such as original and standardized codes, the level-structure, the hierarchical structure, codes that may be (temporarily) removed from building the complete hierarchy (dups) and their corresponding codes that correspond to these duplicated codes.


slot codesOriginal:

a character vector (or NULL) holding original variable codes

slot codesDefault:

a character vector (or NULL) holding standardized codes

slot codesMinimal:

a logical vector (or NULL) defining if a code is required to build the complete hierarchy or not (then the code is a (sub)total)

slot vName:

character vector of length 1 (or NULL) defining the variable name of the dimensional variable

slot levels:

a numeric vector (or NULL) defining the level structure. For each code the corresponding level is listed with the grand-total always having level==1

slot structure:

a numeric vector (or NULL) with length of the total number of levels. Each element shows how many digits the i-th level allocates within the standardized codes (note: level 1 always allocates exactly 1 digit in the standardized codes)

slot dims:

a list (or NULL) defining the hierarchical structure of the dimensional variable. Each list-element is a character vector with elements available in slot codesDefault and the first element always being a (sub)total and the remaining elements being the codes that contribute to the (sub)total

slot dups:

character vector (or NULL) having showing original codes that are duplicates in the hierarchy and can temporarily removed when building a table with this dimensional variable

slot dupsUp:

character vector (or NULL) with original codes that are the corresponding upper-levels to the codes that may be removed because they are duplicates and that are listed in slot dups


objects of class dimVar form the base for elements in slot dimInfo of class dimInfo.


Bernhard Meindl bernhard.meindl@statistik.gv.at

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