linProb-class: S4 class describing a linProb-object

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An object of class linProb defines a linear problem given by the objective coefficients (slot objective), a constraint matrix (slot constraints), the direction (slot direction) and the right hand side (slot rhs) of the constraints. Also, allowed lower (slot boundsLower) and upper (slot boundsUpper) bounds of the variables as well as its types (slot types) are specified.


slot objective:

a numeric vector holding coefficients of the objective function

slot constraints:

an object of class simpleTriplet-class specifying the constraint matrix of the problem

slot direction:

a character vector holding the directions of the constraints, allowed values are:

  • ==: equal

  • <: less

  • >: greater

  • <=: less or equal

  • >=: greater or equal

slot rhs:

numeric vector holding right hand side values of the constraints

slot boundsLower:

a numeric vector holding lower bounds of the objective variables

slot boundsUpper:

a numeric vector holding upper bounds of the objective variables

slot types:

a character vector specifying types of the objective variables, allowed types are:

  • C: binary

  • B: continuous

  • I: integer


when solving the problems in the procedure, minimization of the objective is performed.


Bernhard Meindl

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