genotypes: Simulated genotypes

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A genotype matrix that contains information from single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Dimensions are 1000 rows, 466 columns. The data was simulated using the software AlphaSim of which an R-package is available. Each row corresponds to a single individual. 1000 individuals were simulated, where 10 half sib families were created. Each family consists of 100 half sibs. The half sibs share a common Sire. 466 SNPs are available, distributed over 2 chromosomes to an equal amount, i.e., the first 233 SNPs are located on chromosome 1, the remaining SNPs are on the second chromosome. The complementary homozygote genotypes are coded as 0 and 2, respectively. The heterozygote genotype as 1.




A matrix with 1000 rows and 466 columns. One row per individual. One column per SNP.


Jan Klosa

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