seas: Seasonal analysis and graphics, especially for climatology

Capable of deriving seasonal statistics, such as "normals", and analysis of seasonal data, such as departures. This package also has graphics capabilities for representing seasonal data, including boxplots for seasonal parameters, and bars for summed normals. There are many specific functions related to climatology, including precipitation normals, temperature normals, cumulative precipitation departures and precipitation interarrivals. However, this package is designed to represent any time-varying parameter with a discernible seasonal signal, such as found in hydrology and ecology.

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AuthorMike Toews
Date of publication2014-02-26 10:20:40
MaintainerMike Toews <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

A1128551.DLY: MSC daily climate data file (DLY archive format) and...

change: Find seasonal and annual changes between two data sets

conv365toGregorian: Converts a data.frame using a 365-day calendar to a Gregorian...

dathomog: Homogenize daily data sets

getstnname: Get station name

hidden: Return title and properties for seasonal graphs

image.seas.sum: Show a seasonal sum data object

interarrival: Calculate the interarrivals between and within precipitation...

lars: Read and write data from LARS-WG file formats

mkann: Make annum from a date

mkseas: Make a date into a seasonal factor

mksub: Make a subset of seasonal data

mscdata: Meteorological Service of Canada sample climate data

mscstn: Meteorological Service of Canada station information

plot.interarrival: Plot interarrivals for precipitation

plot.seas.norm: Plot seasonal normal of a variable, including precipitation...

plot.seas.sum: Plot boxplots of normalized seasonal sums

precip.dep: Cumulative precipitation departure

read.msc: Read a MSC archive file into a data.frame

sdsm: Read and write from SDSM

seas.check: Check the suitability of a data.frame, or seas.sum for seas

seas.norm: Calculate annual and seasonal 'normal' statistics, including...

SeasOpts: Options for seas

seas-package: Seasonal statistics: the 'seas' package for R

seas.sum: Seasonal sum data object

seas.temp.plot: Plot seasonal temperature normals

seas.var.plot: Plot seasonal normals of a given variable

summerland: Example LARS-WG data file of synthetic data from Summerland,... Write climate data in the format used by the HELP model

year.length: Calculate the number of days in a year

year.plot: Plot annual temperature and precipitation statistics


A1128551.DLY Man page
change Man page
conv365toGregorian Man page
dathomog Man page
getstnname Man page
hidden Man page
image.seas.sum Man page
interarrival Man page
lars Man page
lars2help Man page
mkann Man page
mkseas Man page
mksub Man page
mscdata Man page
mscstn Man page
plot.interarrival Man page
plot.precip.norm Man page
plot.precip.sum Man page
plot.seas.norm Man page
plot.seas.sum Man page
plot.seas.temp Man page
plot.seas.var Man page
plot.year Man page
precip.dep Man page
precip.norm Man page
read.lars Man page
read.msc Man page
read.sdsm Man page
sdsm Man page
seas Man page
seas.df.check Man page
.seasmonthgrid Man page
seas.norm Man page
SeasOpts Man page
seas.sum Man page
seas.sum.check Man page
seas.temp.plot Man page
.seastitle Man page
seas.var.plot Man page
.seasxlab Man page
.seasylab Man page
setSeasOpts Man page
summerland Man page
summerland.dat Man page
Summerland.dat Man page Man page Man page Man page
write.lars Man page
write.lars.scenario Man page
write.sdsm Man page
year.length Man page
year.plot Man page

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