Man pages for seas
Seasonal Analysis and Graphics, Especially for Climatology

A1128551.DLYMSC daily climate data file (DLY archive format) and...
changeFind seasonal and annual changes between two data sets
conv365toGregorianConverts a data.frame using a 365-day calendar to a Gregorian...
dathomogHomogenize daily data sets
getstnnameGet station name
hiddenReturn title and properties for seasonal graphs
image.seas.sumShow a seasonal sum data object
interarrivalCalculate the interarrivals between and within precipitation...
larsRead and write data from LARS-WG file formats
mkannMake annum from a date
mkseasMake a date into a seasonal factor
mksubMake a subset of seasonal data
mscdataMeteorological Service of Canada sample climate data
mscstnMeteorological Service of Canada station information
plot.interarrivalPlot interarrivals for precipitation
plot.seas.normPlot seasonal normal of a variable, including precipitation...
plot.seas.sumPlot boxplots of normalized seasonal sums
precip.depCumulative precipitation departure
read.mscRead a MSC archive file into a data.frame
sdsmRead and write from SDSM
seas.checkCheck the suitability of a data.frame, or seas.sum for seas
seas.normCalculate annual and seasonal 'normal' statistics, including...
SeasOptsOptions for seas
seas-packageSeasonal statistics: the 'seas' package for R
seas.sumSeasonal sum data object
seas.temp.plotPlot seasonal temperature normals
seas.var.plotPlot seasonal normals of a given variable
summerlandExample LARS-WG data file of synthetic data from Summerland,...
write.helpWrite climate data in the format used by the HELP model
year.lengthCalculate the number of days in a year
year.plotPlot annual temperature and precipitation statistics
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