Defines functions .onLoad

.onLoad <- function(...){

  # works fine on Mac M1 - no on load testing to avoid detritus NOTE
  if (R.version$arch == "aarch64"){

  if (Sys.getenv("X13_PATH") != ""){
    if (x13binary::supportedPlatform()){
      # skip this message if X13_PATH is set to x13binary.path
      if (Sys.getenv("X13_PATH") != x13binary::x13path()){
      # if (Sys.getenv("X13_PATH") != x13binary::x13path()){
          "The system variable 'X13_PATH' has been manually set to: \n  ",
          "\nSince version 1.2, 'seasonal' relies on the 'x13binary' ",
          "\npackage and does not require 'X13_PATH' to be set anymore. ",
          "\nOnly set 'X13_PATH' manually if you intend to use your own",
          "\nbinaries. See ?seasonal for details."

  if (Sys.getenv("X13_PATH") == ""){
    if (!x13binary::supportedPlatform()){
      return(mymsg("Unsupported platform: ",
        Sys.info()["sysname"], " ", Sys.info()["release"],
        "\nFor this platform, the path to the binary executable of X-13",
        "\nhas to be manually specified. See ?seasonal for details."
    cc <- try(x13binary::checkX13binary(verbose = FALSE), silent = TRUE)
    if (inherits(cc, "try-error")) {
        "The binaries provided by 'x13binary' do not work on this",
        "\nmachine. To get more information, run:",
        "\n  x13binary::checkX13binary()",
        "\n\nYou can set 'X13_PATH' manually if you intend to use your own",
        "\nbinaries. See ?seasonal for details.\n"
  checkX13(fullcheck = FALSE, htmlcheck = TRUE)

  if (identical(getOption("htmlmode"), 0)){
        "You are using the non-html binaries of X-13. Support will be dropped",
        "\nin future versions of seasonal. Please install the html binaries or",
        "\nunset the X13_PATH variable to use the binaries from the x13binary",
        "\npackage. See ?seasonal for details.\n"


# to avoid a NOTE in R CMD CHECK
mymsg <- packageStartupMessage

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