D.designdata: Construct Density Design Data

D.designdataR Documentation

Construct Density Design Data


Internal function used by secr.fit, confint.secr, and score.test.


D.designdata (mask, Dmodel, grouplevels, sessionlevels, sessioncov =
NULL, meanSD = NULL)



mask object.


formula for density model


vector of group names


vector of character values for session names


optional dataframe of values of session-specific covariate(s).


optional external values for scaling x- and y- coordinates


This is an internal secr function that you are unlikely ever to use. Unlike secr.design.MS, this function does not call model.matrix.


Dataframe with one row for each combination of mask point, group and session. Conceptually, we use a 3-D rectangular array with enough rows to accommodate the largest mask, so some rows in the output may merely hold space to enable easy indexing. The dataframe has an attribute ‘dimD’ that gives the relevant dimensions: attr(dframe, "dimD") = c(nmask, ngrp, R), where nmask is the number of mask points, ngrp is the number of groups, and R is the number of sessions. Columns correspond to predictor variables in Dmodel.

The number of valid rows (points in each session-specific mask) is stored in the attribute ‘validMaskRows’.

For a single-session mask, meanSD is a 2 x 2 matrix of mean and SD (rows) for x- and y-coordinates. For a multi-session mask, a list of such objects. Ordinarily these values are from the meanSD attribute of the mask, but they must be specified when applying a new mask to an existing model.

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