Man pages for secret
Share Sensitive Information in R Packages

add_github_userAdd a user via their GitHub username.
add_secretAdd a new secret to the vault.
add_travis_userAdd a user via their Travis repo.
add_userAdd a new user to the vault.
create_package_vaultCreate a vault, as a folder or in an R package.
delete_secretRemove a secret from the vault.
delete_userDelete a user.
get_github_keyGet the SSH public key of a GitHub user
get_secretRetrieve a secret from the vault.
get_travis_keyRetrieve the public key of a Travis CI repository
get_user_fileGet the file of a user (email)
list_ownersList users that have access to a secret
list_secretsList all secrets.
list_usersList users
local_keyRead local secret key.
secret-packageShare Sensitive Information in R Packages.
share_secretShare a secret among some users.
share_secret_with_keyShare a secret, its AES key is known already.
share_secret_with_key1Share a secret with a single user, AES key is known.
store_secret_with_keyStore a secret, encrypted with its AES key.
try_get_aes_keyTry to get the AES key of a secret, using a private RSA key.
unshare_secretUnshare a secret among some users.
update_secretUpdate a secret in the vault.
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