Man pages for sensors4plumes
Test and Optimise Sampling Designs Based on Plume Simulations

areaSDFAreas of elements of SpatialDataFrame objects
cbindSimulationsCombine plumes of Simulations objects with coinciding...
changeSimulationsPathReset file paths in Simulations objects
copySimulationsCopy Simulations (including raster files)
extractSpatialDataFrameExtract some values of Simulations to a SpatialDataFrame with...
interpolateInterpolate many maps at once - even if they do not fit into...
interpolationErrorInterpolate many maps at once, compare them to the original...
interpolationErrorFunctionsCompare original and interpolated maps point-wise
loadSimulationsLoad values from raster or text files into Simulations...
measurementsResultGeneral cost function by plume-wise summary of values at...
measurementsResultFunctionsCost functions by plume-wise summary of values at locations
medianVariogramVariogram of radioactivePlumes
optimalSDOptimised sampling designs
optimisationCurvePlot Optimisation Curve
optimiseSD(Spatial) optimisation of sampling designs
optimiseSD_geneticOptimisation of sensor locations by a binary genetic...
optimiseSD_globalDerive one or all globally optimal sampling designs for plume...
optimiseSD_greedyGreedy optimisation algorithm
optimiseSD_manualPlot cost map for interactive adding and deleting of sensors
optimiseSD_ssaSpatial Simulated Annealing optimisation algorithm
plotSDPlot sampling designs and related cost maps
plotSimulationsPlot overview of 'simulations'.
points2polygridTurn points (and data) into a SpatialPolygridDataFrame
polygrid2gridCoerce SpatialPolygridDataFrame into SpatialGridDataFrame and...
radioactivePlumesSimulations of radioactive plumes
replaceDefaultReplace default values in functions and check parameter list
SDF2simulationsTurn a SpatialDataFrame into Simulations.
SDLonLatTransform locations of simulations into longitude latitude...
sensors4plumes-packageTest and optimise sampling designs based on plume simulations
similaritySDDetermine (spatial) similarity between sampling designs
SimulationsClass "Simulations"
simulationsApplyApply functions value-wise, location-wise, or plume-wise to...
SimulationsSmallArtificial, small test data.
SpatialDataFrame-classClass "SpatialDataFrame"
SpatialIndexDataFrameClass "SpatialIndexDataFrame"
SpatialPolygridDataFrameClass "SpatialPolygridDataFrame"
spatialSpreadCost function based on sensor locations only
spatialSpreadFunctionsCost functions dependent only on sensor locations
SPolygridDF_testDataArtificialSmall artificial test data
spplotLogPlot methods for spatial data with logarithmic scale
subsetSDFSubsetting objects of class SpatialDataFrame
subsetSDF.SpatialIndexDataFrameSubsetting objects of class SpatialIndexDataFrame
subsetSDF.SpatialPolygridDataFrameSubsetting objects of class SpatialPolygridDataFrame
subsetSimulationsSubsetting Simulations
summaryLocationsSummarise values of Simulations by locations
summaryPlumesSummarise values of Simulations by plumes
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