sfsmisc: Utilities from "Seminar fuer Statistik" ETH Zurich

Useful utilities ['goodies'] from Seminar fuer Statistik ETH Zurich, quite a few related to graphics; many ported from S-plus times.

AuthorMartin Maechler et al.
Date of publication2016-02-23 11:16:25
MaintainerMartin Maechler <maechler@stat.math.ethz.ch>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

AsciiToInt: Character to and from Integer Codes Conversion

axTexpr: Axis Ticks Expressions in Nice 10 ** k Form

cairoSwd: Cairo PDF Graphics Device useful for Sweave

capture-n-write: Capture output and Write / Print First and Last Parts

col01scale: Matrix Scaling Utilities

compresid2way: Plot Components + Residuals for Two Factors

cum.Vert.funkt: Kumulative Verteilung Aufzeichnen

D1D2: Numerical Derivatives of (x,y) Data via Smoothing Splines

D2ss: Numerical Derivatives of (x,y) Data (via Smoothing Splines)

Deprecated: Deprecated 'sfsmisc' Functions

diagDA: Diagonal Discriminant Analysis

diagX: The "Other" Diagonal Matrix

digitsBase: Digit/Bit Representation of Integers in any Base

Duplicated: Counting-Generalization of duplicated()

eaxis: Extended / Engineering Axis for Graphics

ecdf.ksCI: Plot Empirical Distribution Function With 95% Confidence...

ellipsePoints: Compute Radially Equispaced Points on Ellipse

empty.dimnames: Empty Dimnames of an Array

errbar: Scatter Plot with Error Bars

factorize: Prime Factorization of Integers

f.robftest: Robust F-Test: Wald test for multiple coefficients of rlm()...

hatMat: Hat Matrix of a Smoother

histBxp: Plot a Histogram and a Boxplot

integrate.xy: Cheap Numerical Integration through Data points.

inv.seq: Inverse seq() - Short Expression for Index Vector

is.whole: Test Whether a Vector or Array Consists of Whole Numbers

iterate.lin.recursion: Generate Sequence Iterating a Linear Recursion

KSd: Approximate Critical Values for Kolmogorov-Smirnov's D

last: Get Last Elements of a Vector

linesHyberb.lm: Plot Confidence or Prediction Hyperbolas around a Regression...

loessDemo: Graphical Interactive Demo of loess()

lseq: Generate Sequences, Equidistant on Log Scale

mat2tex: Produce LaTeX commands to print a matrix

missingCh: Has a Formal Argument been Set or is it Missing?

mpl: Simple Matrix Plots

mult.fig: Plot Setup for MULTiple FIGures, incl. Main Title

n.code: Convert "Round" Integers to Short Strings and Back

nearcor: Find the Nearest Proper Correlation Matrix

n.plot: Name Plot: Names or Numbers instead of Points in Plot

nr.sign.chg: Number of Sign Changes in Sequence

p.arrows: Prettified Arrows Plots

paste.vec: Utility for 'Showing' S vectors

p.datum: Plot 'Datum' (deutsch!) unten rechts

p.dnorm: Plot Parametric Density Functions

p.hboxp: Add a Horizontal Boxplot to the Current Plot

plotDS: Plot Data and Smoother / Fitted Values

plotStep: Plot a Step Function

pmax.sa: Parallel Maxima / Minima (Scalar, Array)

polyn.eval: Evaluate Polynomials

posdefify: Find a Close Positive Definite Matrix

potatoes: Fisher's Potato Crop Data

p.profileTraces: Plot a profile.nls Object With Profile Traces

p.res.2fact: Plot Numeric (e.g. Residuals) vs 2 Factors Using Boxplots

p.res.2x: Stahel's Residual Plot against 2 X's

pretty10exp: Nice 10 ** k Label Expressions

primes: Find all Primes Less Than n

printTable2: Add and Print Marginals for 2-way Contingency Tables

prt.DEBUG: Utility Printing in DEBUG mode

p.scales: Conversion between plotting scales: usr, cm, symbol

ps.end: Close PostScript or Acrobat Graphics Device opened by 'ps.do'...

ps.latex: PostScript/PDF Preview Device with Optional 'LaTeX' Touch

p.tachoPlot: Draw Symbol on a Plot

p.ts: plot.ts with multi-plots and Auto-Title - on 1 page

quadrant: Give the Quadrant Number of Planar Points

QUnif: Quasi Randum Numbers via Halton Sequences

read.org.table: Read.table for an Emacs Org Table

repChar: Make Simple String from Repeating a Character, e.g. Blank...

rot13: Generalized Rot13 Character Translation (Rotation)

rot2: Rotate Planar Points by Angle

roundfixS: Round to Integer Keeping the Sum Fixed

rrange: Robust Range using Boxplot 'Quartiles'

seqXtend: Sequence Covering the Range of X, including X

sessionInfoX: Extended Information About the Current R Session

signi: Rounding to Significant Digits

sourceAttach: Source and Attach an R source file

str_data: Overview on All Datasets in an R Package

TA.plot: Tukey-Anscombe Plot (Residual vs. Fitted) of a Linear Model

tapplySimpl: More simplification in tapply() result

tkdensity: GUI Density Estimation using Tcl/Tk

toLatex.numeric: LaTeX or Sweave friendly Formatting of Numbers

u.assign0: 'Portable' assign / get functions (R / S-plus) for 'Frame 0'

u.boxplot.x: Utility Returning x-Coordinates of Boxplot

u.date: Return Date[-Time] String in 'European' Format

u.datumdecode: Convert "Numeric" Dates

u.Datumvonheute: Datum und Uhrzeit (auf deutsch)

u.log: (Anti)Symmetric Log High-Transform

unif: Nice Uniform Points in Interval

uniqueL: A Reversable Version of unique()

unix/Sys.cpuinfo: Provide Information about the Linux Hardware (CPU, Memory,...

unix/Sys.ps: Return Process Status (Unix 'ps') Information

u.sys: 'Portable' System function (R / S-plus)

vcat: Paste Utilities - Concatenate Strings

wrapFormula: Enhance Formula by Wrapping each Term, e.g., by "s(.)"

xy.grid: Produce regular grid matrix.

xy.unique.x: Uniqify (X,Y) Values using Weights

Files in this package

sfsmisc/R/TA.plot.R sfsmisc/R/Deprecated.R
sfsmisc/R/integratexy.R sfsmisc/R/str_data.R sfsmisc/R/rot13.R sfsmisc/R/huber.R sfsmisc/R/tkdensity.R sfsmisc/R/p.res.2x.WSt.R sfsmisc/R/loessDemo.R sfsmisc/R/hatMat.R sfsmisc/R/misc-goodies.R sfsmisc/R/KS-confint.R sfsmisc/R/p.ts.R sfsmisc/R/printTable.R sfsmisc/R/sourceAttach.R sfsmisc/R/twoway-r-plot.R sfsmisc/R/glob2rx.R sfsmisc/R/u.goodies.R sfsmisc/R/pd-matrix.R sfsmisc/R/mult.fig.R sfsmisc/R/ellipse.R sfsmisc/R/Duplicated.R sfsmisc/R/linesHyberb.lm.R sfsmisc/R/sessionInfo-ext.R sfsmisc/R/Defunct.R
sfsmisc/R/D1D2.R sfsmisc/R/prettylab.R sfsmisc/R/rrange.R
sfsmisc/R/missingCh.R sfsmisc/R/p.res.2x.formula.R sfsmisc/R/diagDA.R sfsmisc/R/plotCI.R sfsmisc/R/Ftest-rlm.R sfsmisc/R/zzz.R sfsmisc/R/p.tachoPlot.R
sfsmisc/man/nearcor.Rd sfsmisc/man/p.profileTraces.Rd sfsmisc/man/str_data.Rd sfsmisc/man/posdefify.Rd sfsmisc/man/plotStep.Rd sfsmisc/man/eaxis.Rd sfsmisc/man/integrate.xy.Rd sfsmisc/man/QUnif.Rd sfsmisc/man/read.org.table.Rd sfsmisc/man/capture-n-write.Rd sfsmisc/man/p.ts.Rd sfsmisc/man/uniqueL.Rd sfsmisc/man/toLatex.numeric.Rd sfsmisc/man/tkdensity.Rd sfsmisc/man/col01scale.Rd sfsmisc/man/potatoes.Rd sfsmisc/man/last.Rd sfsmisc/man/lseq.Rd sfsmisc/man/u.log.Rd sfsmisc/man/hatMat.Rd sfsmisc/man/primes.Rd sfsmisc/man/TA.plot.Rd sfsmisc/man/plotDS.Rd sfsmisc/man/is.whole.Rd sfsmisc/man/mpl.Rd sfsmisc/man/p.arrows.Rd sfsmisc/man/u.boxplot.x.Rd sfsmisc/man/signi.Rd sfsmisc/man/prt.DEBUG.Rd sfsmisc/man/p.res.2fact.Rd sfsmisc/man/Deprecated.Rd sfsmisc/man/n.code.Rd sfsmisc/man/diagX.Rd sfsmisc/man/pmax.sa.Rd sfsmisc/man/unif.Rd sfsmisc/man/p.tachoPlot.Rd sfsmisc/man/u.Datumvonheute.Rd sfsmisc/man/errbar.Rd sfsmisc/man/ps.end.Rd sfsmisc/man/Duplicated.Rd sfsmisc/man/polyn.eval.Rd sfsmisc/man/KSd.Rd sfsmisc/man/tapplySimpl.Rd sfsmisc/man/diagDA.Rd sfsmisc/man/rot13.Rd sfsmisc/man/rrange.Rd sfsmisc/man/rot2.Rd sfsmisc/man/cum.Vert.funkt.Rd sfsmisc/man/paste.vec.Rd sfsmisc/man/u.sys.Rd sfsmisc/man/ellipsePoints.Rd sfsmisc/man/wrapFormula.Rd sfsmisc/man/iterate.lin.recursion.Rd sfsmisc/man/loessDemo.Rd sfsmisc/man/D1D2.Rd sfsmisc/man/cairoSwd.Rd sfsmisc/man/sessionInfoX.Rd sfsmisc/man/ps.latex.Rd sfsmisc/man/repChar.Rd sfsmisc/man/missingCh.Rd sfsmisc/man/mult.fig.Rd sfsmisc/man/roundfixS.Rd sfsmisc/man/n.plot.Rd
sfsmisc/man/histBxp.Rd sfsmisc/man/xy.grid.Rd sfsmisc/man/vcat.Rd sfsmisc/man/ecdf.ksCI.Rd sfsmisc/man/p.dnorm.Rd sfsmisc/man/u.datumdecode.Rd sfsmisc/man/inv.seq.Rd sfsmisc/man/AsciiToInt.Rd sfsmisc/man/linesHyberb.lm.Rd sfsmisc/man/D2ss.Rd sfsmisc/man/mat2tex.Rd sfsmisc/man/factorize.Rd sfsmisc/man/quadrant.Rd sfsmisc/man/empty.dimnames.Rd sfsmisc/man/u.date.Rd sfsmisc/man/digitsBase.Rd sfsmisc/man/p.datum.Rd sfsmisc/man/xy.unique.x.Rd sfsmisc/man/pretty10exp.Rd sfsmisc/man/printTable2.Rd sfsmisc/man/u.assign0.Rd sfsmisc/man/nr.sign.chg.Rd sfsmisc/man/compresid2way.Rd sfsmisc/man/seqXtend.Rd sfsmisc/man/p.res.2x.Rd sfsmisc/man/f.robftest.Rd sfsmisc/man/p.hboxp.Rd sfsmisc/man/sourceAttach.Rd sfsmisc/man/p.scales.Rd sfsmisc/man/axTexpr.Rd

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