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Utilities from 'Seminar fuer Statistik' ETH Zurich

AsciiToIntCharacter to and from Integer Codes Conversion
axTexprAxis Ticks Expressions in Nice 10 ** k Form
cairoSwdCairo PDF Graphics Device useful for Sweave
capture-n-writeCapture output and Write / Print First and Last Parts
col01scaleMatrix Scaling Utilities
compresid2wayPlot Components + Residuals for Two Factors
cum.Vert.funktKumulative Verteilung Aufzeichnen
D1D2Numerical Derivatives of (x,y) Data via Smoothing Splines
D2ssNumerical Derivatives of (x,y) Data (via Smoothing Splines)
DeprecatedDeprecated 'sfsmisc' Functions
diagDADiagonal Discriminant Analysis
diagXThe "Other" Diagonal Matrix
digitsBaseDigit/Bit Representation of Integers in any Base
DuplicatedCounting-Generalization of duplicated()
eaxisExtended / Engineering Axis for Graphics
ecdf.ksCIPlot Empirical Distribution Function With 95% Confidence...
ellipsePointsCompute Radially Equispaced Points on Ellipse
empty.dimnamesEmpty Dimnames of an Array
errbarScatter Plot with Error Bars
factorizePrime Factorization of Integers
f.robftestRobust F-Test: Wald test for multiple coefficients of rlm()...
funEnvList-like Environment of Functions (and More)
hatMatHat Matrix of a Smoother
histBxpPlot a Histogram and a Boxplot
integrate.xyCheap Numerical Integration through Data points.
inv.seqInverse seq() - Short Expression for Index Vector
is.wholeTest Whether a Vector or Array Consists of Whole Numbers
iterate.lin.recursionGenerate Sequence Iterating a Linear Recursion
KSdApproximate Critical Values for Kolmogorov-Smirnov's D
lastGet Last Elements of a Vector
linesHyberb.lmPlot Confidence or Prediction Hyperbolas around a Regression...
loessDemoGraphical Interactive Demo of loess()
lseqGenerate Sequences, Equidistant on Log Scale
mat2texProduce LaTeX commands to print a matrix
missingChHas a Formal Argument been Set or is it Missing?
mplSimple Matrix Plots
mult.figPlot Setup for MULTiple FIGures, incl. Main Title
n.codeConvert "Round" Integers to Short Strings and Back
nearcorFind the Nearest Proper Correlation Matrix
n.plotName Plot: Names or Numbers instead of Points in Plot
nr.sign.chgNumber of Sign Changes in Sequence
p.arrowsPrettified Arrows Plots
paste.vecUtility for 'Showing' S vectors
p.datumPlot 'Datum' (deutsch!) unten rechts
p.dnormPlot Parametric Density Functions
p.hboxpAdd a Horizontal Boxplot to the Current Plot
plotDSPlot Data and Smoother / Fitted Values
plotStepPlot a Step Function
polyn.evalEvaluate Polynomials
posdefifyFind a Close Positive Definite Matrix
potatoesFisher's Potato Crop Data
p.profileTracesPlot a profile.nls Object With Profile Traces
p.res.2factPlot Numeric (e.g. Residuals) vs 2 Factors Using Boxplots
p.res.2xStahel's Residual Plot against 2 X's
pretty10expNice 10 ** k Label Expressions
primesFind all Primes Less Than n
printTable2Add and Print Marginals for 2-way Contingency Tables
prt.DEBUGUtility Printing in DEBUG mode
p.scalesConversion between plotting scales: usr, cm, symbol
ps.endClose PostScript or Acrobat Graphics Device opened by ''...
ps.latexPostScript/PDF Preview Device with Optional 'LaTeX' Touch
p.tachoPlotDraw Symbol on a Plot
p.tsplot.ts with multi-plots and Auto-Title - on 1 page
quadrantGive the Quadrant Number of Planar Points
QUnifQuasi Randum Numbers via Halton Sequences for an Emacs Org Table
repCharMake Simple String from Repeating a Character, e.g. Blank...
rot13Generalized Rot13 Character Translation (Rotation)
rot2Rotate Planar Points by Angle
roundfixSRound to Integer Keeping the Sum Fixed
rrangeRobust Range using Boxplot 'Quartiles'
seqXtendSequence Covering the Range of X, including X
sessionInfoXExtended Information About the Current R Session
sfsmisc-defunctDefunct Functions in Package 'sfsmisc'
signiRounding to Significant Digits
sourceAttachSource and Attach an R source file
str_dataOverview on All Datasets in an R Package
TA.plotTukey-Anscombe Plot (Residual vs. Fitted) of a Linear Model
tapplySimplMore simplification in tapply() result
tkdensityGUI Density Estimation using Tcl/Tk
toLatex.numericLaTeX or Sweave friendly Formatting of Numbers
u.assign0'Portable' assign / get functions (R / S-plus) for 'Frame 0'
u.boxplot.xUtility Returning x-Coordinates of Boxplot
u.dateReturn Date[-Time] String in 'European' Format
u.datumdecodeConvert "Numeric" Dates
u.DatumvonheuteDatum und Uhrzeit (auf deutsch)
u.log(Anti)Symmetric Log High-Transform
unifNice Uniform Points in Interval
uniqueLA Reversable Version of unique()
unix/Sys.cpuinfoProvide Information about the Linux Hardware (CPU, Memory,...
unix/Sys.psReturn Process Status (Unix 'ps') Information
u.sys'Portable' System function (R / S-plus)
vcatPaste Utilities - Concatenate Strings
wrapFormulaEnhance Formula by Wrapping each Term, e.g., by "s(.)"
xy.gridProduce regular grid matrix.
xy.unique.xUniqify (X,Y) Values using Weights
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