Man pages for shapeR
Collection and Analysis of Otolith Shape Data

cluster.plotPlot data clusters
detect.outlineDetect otolith outline
enrich.master.listLink information in the info.file to the coefficients...
estimate.outline.reconstructionEstimate the outline reconstruction based on Fourier/wavelet...
FISHAn example data file
generateShapeCoefficientsGet wavelet/Fourier coefficients and basic shape variables
getFourierGet Fourier coefficients, filtered according to filter
getMasterlistGet filtered master.list values
getMeasurementsGet simple shape variables, filtered according to filter
getStdFourierGet standardized Fourier coefficients, filtered according to...
getStdMeasurementsGet simple shape variables after standardization, filtered...
getStdWaveletGet standardized wavelet coefficients, filtered according to...
getWaveletGet wavelet coefficients, filtered according to filter
outline.reconstruction.plotPlot outline reconstruction
plotFourierMean and standard deviation of the Fourier coefficients
plotFourierShapeMean otolith shape based on Fourier reconstruction
plotWaveletMean and standard deviation of the wavelet coefficients
plotWaveletShapeMean otolith shape based on wavelet reconstruction
read.master.listRead updated master list
remove.outlineRemove otolith outline
setFilterSet a filter to analyze the shape data
shapeAn example shapeR instance including 160 images.
showShow a shapeR object
show.original.with.outlineShow the extracted outline on top of the original image
smoothoutContour smoothing
stdCoefsStandardize coefficients
write.image.with.outlineWrite outlines on top of the original images for quality...
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