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Easily build rich and productive interactive web apps in R — no HTML/CSS/JavaScript required.



To install the stable version from CRAN:


Getting Started

Once installed, load the library and run an example:

# Launches an app, with the app's source code included
# Lists more prepackaged examples

For more examples and inspiration, check out the Shiny User Gallery.

For help with learning fundamental Shiny programming concepts, check out the Mastering Shiny book and the Shiny Tutorial. The former is currently more up-to-date with modern Shiny features, whereas the latter takes a deeper, more visual, dive into fundamental concepts.

Join the conversation

If you want to chat about Shiny, meet other developers, or help us decide what to work on next, join us on Discord.

Getting Help

To ask a question about Shiny, please use the RStudio Community website.

For bug reports, please use the issue tracker and also keep in mind that by writing a good bug report, you're more likely to get help with your problem.


We welcome contributions to the shiny package. Please see our file for detailed guidelines of how to contribute.


The shiny package as a whole is licensed under the GPLv3. See the LICENSE file for more details.

R version support

Shiny is supported on the latest release version of R, as well as the previous four minor release versions of R. For example, if the latest release R version is 4.1, then that version is supported, as well as 4.0, 3.6, 3.5, and 3.4.

Try the shiny package in your browser

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