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Web Application Framework for R

absolutePanelPanel with absolute positioning
actionButtonAction button/link
applyInputHandlersApply input handlers to raw input values
bindCacheAdd caching with reactivity to an object
bindEventMake an object respond only to specified reactive events
bookmarkButtonCreate a button for bookmarking/sharing
bootstrapLibBootstrap libraries
bootstrapPageCreate a Bootstrap page
brushedPointsFind rows of data selected on an interactive plot.
brushOptsCreate an object representing brushing options
callModuleInvoke a Shiny module
checkboxGroupInputCheckbox Group Input Control
checkboxInputCheckbox Input Control
clickOptsControl interactive plot point events
columnCreate a column within a UI definition
conditionalPanelConditional Panel
createRenderFunctionImplement custom render functions
createWebDependencyCreate a web dependency
dateInputCreate date input
dateRangeInputCreate date range input
debounceSlow down a reactive expression with debounce/throttle
devmodeShiny Developer Mode
diskCacheCreate disk cache (deprecated)
domainsReactive domains
downloadButtonCreate a download button or link
downloadHandlerFile Downloads
enableBookmarkingEnable bookmarking for a Shiny application
exportTestValuesRegister expressions for export in test mode
exprToFunctionConvert an expression to a function
fileInputFile Upload Control
fillPageCreate a page that fills the window
fillRowFlex Box-based row/column layouts
fixedPageCreate a page with a fixed layout
flowLayoutFlow layout
fluidPageCreate a page with fluid layout
freezeReactiveValueFreeze a reactive value
getCurrentOutputInfoGet output information
getCurrentThemeObtain Shiny's Bootstrap Sass theme
getQueryStringGet the query string / hash component from the URL
headerPanelCreate a header panel
helpTextCreate a help text element
htmlOutputCreate an HTML output element
httpResponseCreate an HTTP response object
iconCreate an icon
inputPanelInput panel
insertTabDynamically insert/remove a tabPanel
insertUIInsert and remove UI objects
invalidateLaterScheduled Invalidation
isolateCreate a non-reactive scope for an expression
is.reactivevaluesChecks whether an object is a reactivevalues object
isRunningCheck whether a Shiny application is running
isTruthyTruthy and falsy values
knitr_methodsKnitr S3 methods
loadSupportLoad an app's supporting R files
makeReactiveBindingMake a reactive variable
markdownInsert inline Markdown
markOutputAttrsMark a render function with attributes that will be used by...
markRenderFunctionMark a function as a render function
maskReactiveContextEvaluate an expression without a reactive context
memoryCacheCreate memory cache (deprecated)
MockShinySessionMock Shiny Session
modalDialogCreate a modal dialog UI
moduleServerShiny modules
navbarPageCreate a page with a top level navigation bar
navlistPanelCreate a navigation list panel
NSNamespaced IDs for inputs/outputs
numericInputCreate a numeric input control
observeCreate a reactive observer
observeEventEvent handler
onBookmarkAdd callbacks for Shiny session bookmarking events
onFlushAdd callbacks for Shiny session events
onStopRun code after an application or session ends
outputOptionsSet options for an output object.
pageWithSidebarCreate a page with a sidebar
parseQueryStringParse a GET query string from a URL
passwordInputCreate a password input control
plotOutputCreate an plot or image output element
plotPNGCapture a plot as a PNG file.
ProgressReporting progress (object-oriented API)
radioButtonsCreate radio buttons
reactiveCreate a reactive expression
reactiveConsoleActivate reactivity in the console
reactiveFileReaderReactive file reader
reactivePollReactive polling
reactiveValCreate a (single) reactive value
reactiveValuesCreate an object for storing reactive values
reactiveValuesToListConvert a reactivevalues object to a list
reactlogReactive Log Visualizer
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
registerInputHandlerRegister an Input Handler
registerThemeDependencyRegister a theme dependency
removeInputHandlerDeregister an Input Handler
renderCachedPlotPlot output with cached images
renderDataTableTable output with the JavaScript DataTables library
renderImageImage file output
renderPlotPlot Output
renderPrintText Output
renderTableTable Output
renderUIUI Output
repeatableMake a random number generator repeatable
reqCheck for required values
resourcePathsResource Publishing
restoreInputRestore an input value
runAppRun Shiny Application
runExampleRun Shiny Example Applications
runGadgetRun a gadget
runTestsRuns the tests associated with this Shiny app
runUrlRun a Shiny application from a URL
safeErrorDeclare an error safe for the user to see
selectInputCreate a select list input control
serverInfoCollect information about the Shiny Server environment
sessionSession object
setBookmarkExcludeExclude inputs from bookmarking
setSerializerAdd a function for serializing an input before bookmarking...
shinyAppCreate a Shiny app object
shiny.appobjShiny App object
shinyAppTemplateGenerate a Shiny application from a template
shinyDeprecatedPrint message for deprecated functions in Shiny
shinyOptionsGet or set Shiny options
shiny-packageWeb Application Framework for R
shinyServerDefine Server Functionality
shinyUICreate a Shiny UI handler
showBookmarkUrlModalDisplay a modal dialog for bookmarking
showModalShow or remove a modal dialog
showNotificationShow or remove a notification
showTabDynamically hide/show a tabPanel
sidebarLayoutLayout a sidebar and main area
sizeGrowthRatioCreate a sizing function that grows at a given ratio
sliderInputSlider Input Widget
snapshotExcludeMark an output to be excluded from test snapshots
snapshotPreprocessInputAdd a function for preprocessing an input before taking a...
snapshotPreprocessOutputAdd a function for preprocessing an output before taking a...
splitLayoutSplit layout
stacktraceStack trace manipulation functions
stopAppStop the currently running Shiny app
submitButtonCreate a submit button
tabPanelCreate a tab panel
tabsetPanelCreate a tabset panel
testServerReactive testing for Shiny server functions and modules
textAreaInputCreate a textarea input control
textInputCreate a text input control
textOutputCreate a text output element
titlePanelCreate a panel containing an application title.
updateActionButtonChange the label or icon of an action button on the client
updateCheckboxGroupInputChange the value of a checkbox group input on the client
updateCheckboxInputChange the value of a checkbox input on the client
updateDateInputChange the value of a date input on the client
updateDateRangeInputChange the start and end values of a date range input on the...
updateNumericInputChange the value of a number input on the client
updateQueryStringUpdate URL in browser's location bar
updateRadioButtonsChange the value of a radio input on the client
updateSelectInputChange the value of a select input on the client
updateSliderInputUpdate Slider Input Widget
updateTabsetPanelChange the selected tab on the client
updateTextAreaInputChange the value of a textarea input on the client
updateTextInputChange the value of a text input on the client
urlModalGenerate a modal dialog that displays a URL
validateValidate input values and other conditions
varSelectInputSelect variables from a data frame
verticalLayoutLay out UI elements vertically
viewerViewer options
wellPanelCreate a well panel
withMathJaxLoad the MathJax library and typeset math expressions
withProgressReporting progress (functional API)
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