shutterstock-package: Shutterstock API client

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The endpoint descriptions are retrieved from Shutterstock API Reference documentation.

Running tests

  1. Insert unit tests by using testthat package

  2. Copy .httr-oauth file into tests/testthat directory (but remove that later)

  3. Add/uncomment httptest::start_capturing() and httptest::stop_capturing() recording lines between the tests

  4. Run specific tests one by one e.g. devtools::test(filter = "audio")

  5. When the API files are created/updated, remove/comment the recording lines

  6. Wrap tests with with_mock_api calls

  7. Run the tests again with the same filter

  8. Done if all tests pass. Move to the next one.

Design principles

Package options


The base URL for retrieving the API endpoints. Default:


Maintainer: Metin Yazici


Shutterstock API Reference:

See Also

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