Man pages for signalHsmm
Predict Presence of Signal Peptides

aaaggregationReduced amino acid alphabet
add_k_mer_stateAdds k-mer hidden state to signalHsmm model
benchmark_datBenchmark data set for signalHsmm
duration_viterbiCompute most probable path with extended Viterbi algorithm.
find_nhcLocalize n-, h- and c-region in signal peptide
gui_signalHsmmGUI for signalHsmm
hsmm_predhsmm_pred class
hsmm_pred_listhsmm_pred_list class
is_proteinProtein test
plot.hsmm_predPlot single signalHsmm prediction
pred2dfConvert list of signalHsmm predictions
predict.sighsmm_modelPredict sighsmm_model object
read_txtRead sequences from .txt file
read_uniprotRead data from UniProt database
run_signalHsmmPredict presence of signal peptide in protein
signalHsmmsignalHsmm - prediction of signal peptides
summary.hsmm_predSummarize single signalHsmm prediction
summary.hsmm_pred_listSummarize list of signalHsmm predictions
train_hsmmTrain sighsmm_model object
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