simPop: Simulation of Synthetic Populations for Survey Data Considering Auxiliary Information

Tools and methods to simulate populations for surveys based on auxiliary data. The tools include model-based methods, calibration and combinatorial optimization algorithms. The package was developed with support of the International Household Survey Network, DFID Trust Fund TF011722 and funds from the World bank.

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AuthorBernhard Meindl, Matthias Templ, Andreas Alfons, Alexander Kowarik, and with contributions from Mathieu Ribatet
Date of publication2017-01-23 13:50:11
MaintainerMatthias Templ <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

addKnownMargins: add known margins/totals

addWeights: Methods for function 'addWeights'

calibPop: Calibration of 0/1 weights by Simulated Annealing

calibSample: Calibrate sample weights

calibVars: Construct a matrix of binary variables for calibration

contingencyWt: Weighted contingency coefficients

correctHeaps: Correct age heaping

correctSingleHeap: correctSingleHeap

dataObj-class: Class '"dataObj"'

eusilc13puf: Synthetic EU-SILC 2013 survey data

eusilcP: Synthetic EU-SILC data

eusilcS: Synthetic EU-SILC survey data

getBreaks: Compute break points for categorizing (semi-)continuous...

getCat: Categorize (semi-)continuous variables

get_set-methods: Extract and modify variables from population or sample data...

ghanaS: Synthetic GLSS survey data

ipu: iterative proportional updating

ipu2: Iterative Proportional Updating

kishFactor: Kish Factor

manageSimPopObj: get and set variables from population or sample data stored...

quantileWt: Weighted sample quantiles

sampHH: Sample households from given microdata.

silcTools: Utility functions for socio-economic data sets

silcTools2: Utility functions for EU-SILC data

simCategorical: Simulate categorical variables of population data

simComponents: Simulate components of continuous variables of population...

simContinuous: Simulate continuous variables of population data

simEUSILC: Simulate EU-SILC population data

simInitSpatial: Generation of smaller regions given an existing spatial...

simple_dis: Simple generation of new variables

simPopObj-class: Class '"simPopObj"'

simRelation: Simulate categorical variables of population data

simStructure: Simulate the household structure of population data

spBwplot: Weighted box plots

spBwplotStats: Weighted box plot statistics

spCdf: (Weighted empirical) cumulative distribution function

spCdfplot: Plot weighted cumulative distribution functions

specifyInput: create an object of class 'dataObj' required for further...

spMosaic: Mosaic plots of expected and realized population sizes

sprague: Sprague index (multipliers)

spTable: Cross tabulations of expected and realized population sizes.

tableWt: Weighted cross tabulation

totalsRG: Population totals Region times Gender for Austria 2006

utility: Utility measures

weighted_estimators: Weighted mean, variance, covariance matrix and correlation...

whipple: Whipple index (original and modified)


addKnownMargins Man page
addWeights Man page
addWeights<- Man page
addWeights<-,dataObj-method Man page
addWeights<-,simPopObj-method Man page
calibPop Man page
calibSample Man page
calibSample,df_or_dataObj_or_simPopObj,dataFrame_or_Table-method Man page
calibVars Man page
checkCol Man page
chooseSILCvars Man page
conditional.dis Man page
contingencyWt Man page
correctHeaps Man page
correctSingleHeap Man page
corWt Man page
covWt Man page
dataObj-class Man page
eusilc13puf Man page
eusilcP Man page
eusilcS Man page
factorNA Man page
getAge Man page
getBreaks Man page
getBwplotStats Man page
getCat Man page
getCdf Man page
getCitizenship Man page
getEcoStat Man page
getGender Man page
getHsize Man page
get_set-methods Man page
ghanaS Man page
ipu Man page
ipu2 Man page
kishFactor Man page
loadSILC Man page
manageSimPopObj Man page
meanWt Man page
mergeSILC Man page
modifySILC Man page
panelSpBwplot Man page
panelSpCdfplot Man page
pop Man page
pop<- Man page
popData Man page
popData,simPopObj-method Man page
popObj Man page
popObj<- Man page
popObj<-,simPopObj,dataObj-method Man page
popObj,simPopObj-method Man page
pop<-,simPopObj-method Man page
pop,simPopObj-method Man page
prepanelSpCdfplot Man page
prepBwplotStats Man page Man page
prepBwplotStats.default Man page
prepCdf Man page Man page
prepCdf.default Man page
quantileWt Man page
restructureHHid Man page
samp Man page
samp<- Man page
sampHH Man page
sampleData Man page
sampleData,simPopObj-method Man page
sampleObj Man page
sampleObj<- Man page
sampleObj<-,simPopObj,dataObj-method Man page
sampleObj,simPopObj-method Man page
samp<-,simPopObj-method Man page
samp,simPopObj-method Man page
show,dataObj-method Man page
show,simPopObj-method Man page
silcTools Man page
silcTools2 Man page
simCategorical Man page
simComponents Man page
simContinuous Man page
simEUSILC Man page
simInitSpatial Man page
simple_dis Man page
simPopObj-class Man page
simRelation Man page
simStructure Man page
spBwplot Man page
spBwplotStats Man page
spCdf Man page
spCdfplot Man page
spCdfplot.default Man page
specifyInput Man page
spMosaic Man page
sprague Man page
spTable Man page
tableObj Man page
tableObj,simPopObj-method Man page
tableWt Man page
totalsRG Man page
totalsRGtab Man page
univariate.dis Man page
utility Man page
utilityIndicator Man page
utilityModal Man page
varWt Man page
weighted_estimators Man page
whipple Man page


tests/debug_ipu.r tests/dontruns.R tests/test_sprague.R
demo/ghana.R demo/eusilc.R
R/dataSets.R R/utils.R R/simContinuous.R R/spBwplot.R R/tableWt.R R/simCategorical.R R/spCdf.R R/simGPD.R R/whipple.R R/simStructure.R R/simInitSpatial.R R/getBreaks.R R/contingencyWt.R R/ipu.r R/addKnownMargins.R R/spPredict.R R/simRelation.R R/meanWt.R R/silcTools2.R R/utility.R R/calibVars.R R/ipu2.r R/sampHH.R R/simComponents.R R/specifyInput.R R/getCat.R R/spBwplotStats.R R/calibPop.R R/0classes.R R/sprague.R R/addWeights.r R/simple_dis.R R/simEUSILC.R R/spSample.R R/correctHeap.R R/spMosaic.R R/spTable.R R/simPop-package-package.R R/silcTools.R R/fitGPD.R R/calibSample.R R/zzz.R R/quantileWt.R R/spCdfplot.R R/printFunctions.R
man/manageSimPopObj.Rd man/simStructure.Rd man/sprague.Rd man/correctSingleHeap.Rd man/simInitSpatial.Rd man/silcTools2.Rd man/ipu2.Rd man/utility.Rd man/tableWt.Rd man/contingencyWt.Rd man/getCat.Rd man/get_set-methods.Rd man/simEUSILC.Rd man/sampHH.Rd man/silcTools.Rd man/spTable.Rd man/weighted_estimators.Rd man/spCdf.Rd man/spMosaic.Rd man/quantileWt.Rd man/eusilcS.Rd man/kishFactor.Rd man/calibSample.Rd man/correctHeaps.Rd man/spBwplot.Rd man/calibVars.Rd man/simContinuous.Rd man/addWeights.Rd man/whipple.Rd man/spBwplotStats.Rd man/simRelation.Rd man/ghanaS.Rd man/totalsRG.Rd man/eusilcP.Rd man/simPopObj-class.Rd man/spCdfplot.Rd man/simple_dis.Rd man/getBreaks.Rd man/eusilc13puf.Rd man/addKnownMargins.Rd man/simComponents.Rd man/calibPop.Rd man/dataObj-class.Rd man/specifyInput.Rd man/ipu.Rd man/simCategorical.Rd

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