simsem: SIMulated Structural Equation Modeling

Provides an easy framework for Monte Carlo simulation in structural equation modeling, which can be used for various purposes, such as such as model fit evaluation, power analysis, or missing data handling and planning.

AuthorSunthud Pornprasertmanit [aut, cre], Patrick Miller [aut], Alexander Schoemann [aut], Corbin Quick [ctb], Terry Jorgensen [ctb]
Date of publication2016-06-07 13:53:30
MaintainerSunthud Pornprasertmanit <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

analyze: Data analysis using the model specification

anova: Provide a comparison of nested models and nonnested models...

bind: Specify matrices for Monte Carlo simulation of structural...

bindDist: Create a data distribution object.

coef: Extract parameter estimates from a simulation result

combineSim: Combine result objects

continuousCoverage: Find coverage rate of model parameters when simulations have...

continuousPower: Find power of model parameters when simulations have randomly...

createData: Create data from a set of drawn parameters.

draw: Draw parameters from a 'SimSem' object.

estmodel: Shortcut for data analysis template for simulation.

exportData: Export data sets for analysis with outside SEM program.

findCoverage: Find a value of independent variables that provides a given...

findFactorIntercept: Find factor intercept from regression coefficient matrix and...

findFactorMean: Find factor total means from regression coefficient matrix...

findFactorResidualVar: Find factor residual variances from regression coefficient...

findFactorTotalCov: Find factor total covariance from regression coefficient...

findFactorTotalVar: Find factor total variances from regression coefficient...

findIndIntercept: Find indicator intercepts from factor loading matrix, total...

findIndMean: Find indicator total means from factor loading matrix, total...

findIndResidualVar: Find indicator residual variances from factor loading matrix,...

findIndTotalVar: Find indicator total variances from factor loading matrix,...

findPossibleFactorCor: Find the appropriate position for freely estimated...

findPower: Find a value of independent variables that provides a given...

findRecursiveSet: Group variables regarding the position in mediation chain

generate: Generate data using SimSem template

getCIwidth: Find confidence interval width

getCoverage: Find coverage rate of model parameters

getCutoff: Find fit indices cutoff given a priori alpha level

getCutoffNested: Find fit indices cutoff for nested model comparison given a...

getCutoffNonNested: Find fit indices cutoff for non-nested model comparison given...

getExtraOutput: Get extra outputs from the result of simulation

getPopulation: Extract the data generation population model underlying a...

getPower: Find power of model parameters

getPowerFit: Find power in rejecting alternative models based on fit...

getPowerFitNested: Find power in rejecting nested models based on the...

getPowerFitNonNested: Find power in rejecting non-nested models based on the...

imposeMissing: Impose MAR, MCAR, planned missingness, or attrition on a data...

inspect: Extract information from a simulation result

likRatioFit: Find the likelihood ratio (or Bayes factor) based on the...

miss: Specifying the missing template to impose on a dataset

model: Data generation template and analysis template for...

modelLavaan: Build the data generation template and analysis template from...

multipleAllEqual: Test whether all objects are equal

plotCIwidth: Plot a confidence interval width of a target parameter

plotCoverage: Make a plot of confidence interval coverage rates

plotCutoff: Plot sampling distributions of fit indices with fit indices...

plotCutoffNested: Plot sampling distributions of the differences in fit indices...

plotCutoffNonNested: Plot sampling distributions of the differences in fit indices...

plotDist: Plot a distribution of a data distribution object

plotLogitMiss: Visualize the missing proportion when the logistic regression...

plotMisfit: Plot the population misfit in the result object

plotPower: Make a power plot of a parameter given varying parameters

plotPowerFit: Plot sampling distributions of fit indices that visualize...

plotPowerFitNested: Plot power of rejecting a nested model in a nested model...

plotPowerFitNonNested: Plot power of rejecting a non-nested model based on a...

popDiscrepancy: Find the discrepancy value between two means and covariance...

popMisfitMACS: Find population misfit by sufficient statistics

pValue: Find p-values (1 - percentile) by comparing a single analysis...

pValueNested: Find p-values (1 - percentile) for a nested model comparison

pValueNonNested: Find p-values (1 - percentile) for a non-nested model...

rawDraw: Draw values from vector or matrix objects

setPopulation: Set the data generation population model underlying an object

sim: Run a monte carlo simulation with a structural equation...

SimDataDist-class: Class '"SimDataDist"': Data distribution object

SimMatrix-class: Matrix object: Random parameters matrix

SimMissing-class: Class '"SimMissing"'

SimResult-class: Class '"SimResult"': Simulation Result Object

SimSem-class: Class '"SimSem"'

SimVector-class: Vector object: Random parameters vector

summaryConverge: Provide a comparison between the characteristics of...

summaryFit: Provide summary of model fit across replications

summaryMisspec: Provide summary of the population misfit and...

summaryParam: Provide summary of parameter estimates and standard error...

summaryPopulation: Summarize the population model used for data generation...

summarySeed: Summary of a seed number

summaryShort: Provide short summary of an object.

summaryTime: Time summary


analyze Man page
anova,SimResult-method Man page
bind Man page
bindDist Man page
binds Man page
coef,SimResult-method Man page
combineSim Man page
continuousCoverage Man page
continuousPower Man page
createData Man page
draw Man page
estmodel Man page Man page
estmodel.path Man page
estmodel.sem Man page
exportData Man page
findCoverage Man page
findFactorIntercept Man page
findFactorMean Man page
findFactorResidualVar Man page
findFactorTotalCov Man page
findFactorTotalVar Man page
findIndIntercept Man page
findIndMean Man page
findIndResidualVar Man page
findIndTotalVar Man page
findPossibleFactorCor Man page
findPower Man page
findRecursiveSet Man page
generate Man page
getCIwidth Man page
getCoverage Man page
getCutoff Man page
getCutoffNested Man page
getCutoffNonNested Man page
getExtraOutput Man page
getPopulation Man page
getPower Man page
getPowerFit Man page
getPowerFitNested Man page
getPowerFitNonNested Man page
getPowerFitNonNested-methods Man page
getPowerFitNonNested,SimResult,SimResult,missing-method Man page
getPowerFitNonNested,SimResult,SimResult,vector-method Man page
impose Man page
imposeMissing Man page
inspect,SimResult-method Man page
likRatioFit Man page
miss Man page
model Man page Man page
model.lavaan Man page
model.path Man page
model.sem Man page
multipleAllEqual Man page
plotCIwidth Man page
plotCoverage Man page
plotCutoff Man page
plotCutoffNested Man page
plotCutoffNonNested Man page
plotDist Man page
plotDist,SimDataDist-method Man page
plotLogitMiss Man page
plotMisfit Man page
plotPower Man page
plotPowerFit Man page
plotPowerFitNested Man page
plotPowerFitNonNested Man page
popDiscrepancy Man page
popMisfitMACS Man page
pValue Man page
pValueNested Man page
pValueNonNested Man page
rawDraw Man page
setPopulation Man page
sim Man page
SimDataDist-class Man page
SimMatrix-class Man page
SimMissing-class Man page
SimResult-class Man page
SimSem-class Man page
SimVector-class Man page
summaryConverge Man page
summaryFit Man page
summaryMisspec Man page
summaryParam Man page
summaryPopulation Man page
summarySeed Man page
summaryShort Man page
summaryShort,ANY-method Man page
summaryShort,matrix-method Man page
summaryShort-methods Man page
summaryShort,SimMatrix-method Man page
summaryShort,SimResult-method Man page
summaryShort,SimVector-method Man page
summaryShort,vector-method Man page
summary,SimDataDist-method Man page
summary,SimMatrix-method Man page
summary,SimMissing-method Man page
summary,SimResult-method Man page
summary,SimSem-method Man page
summary,SimVector-method Man page
summaryTime Man page


simsem/R/AllGenerics.R simsem/R/cov2corMod.R simsem/R/plotCutoffNested.R simsem/R/getCutoffNested.R simsem/R/show-methods.R simsem/R/model.R simsem/R/plotCIWidth.R simsem/R/getCIWidth.R simsem/R/clean.R simsem/R/plotPowerFitNonNested.R simsem/R/getPowerFit.R simsem/R/AllClass.R simsem/R/plotPowerFit.R simsem/R/summary-methods.R simsem/R/miss.R simsem/R/exportData.R simsem/R/findPowerCoverage.R simsem/R/getPowerCoverage.R simsem/R/plotCutoff.R simsem/R/analyze.R simsem/R/getPowerFitNonNested.R simsem/R/plotCutoffNonNested.R simsem/R/plotPowerCoverage.R simsem/R/getCutoff.R simsem/R/bind.R simsem/R/pValueNonNested.R simsem/R/anova-methods.R simsem/R/pValueNested.R simsem/R/plotDist.R simsem/R/generate.R simsem/R/openMx.R simsem/R/drawParam.R simsem/R/mvrnorm.R simsem/R/pValue.R simsem/R/summaryShort-methods.R simsem/R/sim.R simsem/R/getCutoffNonNested.R simsem/R/plotMisfit.R simsem/R/getPowerFitNested.R simsem/R/validate.R simsem/R/summarySimResult.R simsem/R/find.R simsem/R/zzz.R simsem/R/imposeMissing.R simsem/R/combineSim.R simsem/R/likRatioFit.R simsem/R/getKeywords.R simsem/R/plotPowerFitNested.R simsem/R/createData.R simsem/R/bindDist.R
simsem/man/plotMisfit.Rd simsem/man/plotCIwidth.Rd simsem/man/getCutoffNonNested.Rd simsem/man/summaryShort.Rd simsem/man/summaryTime.Rd simsem/man/findRecursiveSet.Rd simsem/man/SimDataDist-class.Rd simsem/man/anova.Rd simsem/man/findFactorTotalCov.Rd simsem/man/getCoverage.Rd simsem/man/getPowerFitNested.Rd simsem/man/summaryMisspec.Rd simsem/man/getPopulation.Rd simsem/man/SimMissing-class.Rd simsem/man/findFactorTotalVar.Rd simsem/man/getExtraOutput.Rd simsem/man/findIndResidualVar.Rd simsem/man/popDiscrepancy.Rd simsem/man/plotCutoffNonNested.Rd simsem/man/bindDist.Rd simsem/man/SimVector-class.Rd simsem/man/popMisfitMACS.Rd simsem/man/findIndTotalVar.Rd simsem/man/getPowerFit.Rd simsem/man/findPossibleFactorCor.Rd simsem/man/model.Rd simsem/man/findFactorResidualVar.Rd simsem/man/findIndMean.Rd simsem/man/estmodel.Rd simsem/man/plotPower.Rd simsem/man/summaryParam.Rd simsem/man/bind.Rd simsem/man/exportData.Rd simsem/man/modelLavaan.Rd simsem/man/analyze.Rd simsem/man/SimSem-class.Rd simsem/man/getCIwidth.Rd simsem/man/draw.Rd simsem/man/findIndIntercept.Rd simsem/man/pValue.Rd simsem/man/SimResult-class.Rd simsem/man/setPopulation.Rd simsem/man/findFactorMean.Rd simsem/man/getPowerFitNonNested.Rd simsem/man/plotCutoff.Rd simsem/man/getCutoff.Rd simsem/man/likRatioFit.Rd simsem/man/summaryConverge.Rd simsem/man/pValueNested.Rd simsem/man/miss.Rd simsem/man/getPower.Rd simsem/man/plotPowerFitNonNested.Rd simsem/man/findPower.Rd simsem/man/findFactorIntercept.Rd simsem/man/rawDraw.Rd simsem/man/generate.Rd simsem/man/createData.Rd simsem/man/imposeMissing.Rd simsem/man/plotCutoffNested.Rd simsem/man/combineSim.Rd simsem/man/plotLogitMiss.Rd simsem/man/summaryFit.Rd simsem/man/summaryPopulation.Rd simsem/man/summarySeed.Rd simsem/man/plotCoverage.Rd simsem/man/plotPowerFit.Rd simsem/man/plotDist.Rd simsem/man/continuousCoverage.Rd simsem/man/findCoverage.Rd simsem/man/SimMatrix-class.Rd simsem/man/inspect.Rd simsem/man/getCutoffNested.Rd simsem/man/pValueNonNested.Rd simsem/man/coef.Rd simsem/man/sim.Rd simsem/man/plotPowerFitNested.Rd simsem/man/continuousPower.Rd simsem/man/multipleAllEqual.Rd

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