An S4 class representing the random draws from a Model object.


An object of class Draws represents the randomly drawn simulated data that is generated when simulate_from_model is called on an object of class Model. In particular, it contains a named list of nsim simulated draws from a model object. The Model object's simulate function populates this list.


This class inherits from the Component class.



a short name identifier. Must be alphanumeric. Should use the name of the Model object that generated it.


a longer, human readable label that indicates what has been randomly drawn.


a list with nsim elements as created by calling the simulate function of a Model object. This is a named list with each element labeled as ri.j where i is the index and j ranges from 1 to nsim. The names are assigned by simulate_from_model.


an integer-valued numeric that indicates which block of random draws this is

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