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An Engine for Running Simulations

addAdd a reference to a simulation
add_dref_to_listInternal function to add DrawsRef to a list of DrawsRef...
add_eref_to_listInternal function to add EvalsRef to a list of EvalsRef...
add_oref_to_listInternal function to add OutputRef to a list of OutputRef...
aggregate_evalsApply aggregator to a list of Evals objects
Aggregator-classAn S4 class for aggregating evaluated metrics an Evals to a data.frame a list of Evals to a data.frame a List of Models to a data.frame a Model to a data.frame
cash-Model-methodGet element of 'Model"s 'params' list
catsimConcatenate and print for the simulator
ComponentAn S4 class representing a component of the simulator.
createCreate template for a new set of simulations
describeDescribe the contents of a simulator directory
do_in_parallelDo a function in parallel.
drawsGet one or more draws from a simulation
Draws-classAn S4 class representing the random draws from a Model...
DrawsRef-classAn S4 class representing a reference to an object of class...
evalsGet one or more evals from a simulation
Evals-classAn S4 class representing the evaluation of a metric run by...
EvalsRef-classAn S4 class representing a reference to an object of class...
evaluateEvaluate outputs of methods according to provided metrics.
evaluate_internalEvaluate outputs of methods according to provided metrics.
evaluate_singleRun one or more metrics on outputs.
ExtendedMethod-classAn S4 class representing the extension of a method
generate_modelGenerate a model.
get_contentsGet the contents of a simulator directory
get_files_not_in_simulationsFind files in simulator directory not referred to by any...
get_model_indicesReturns indices of a specified subset of sim@model_refs
get_relative_pathGet relative path
get_simulation_with_all_filesReturns a simulation object containing references to all...
ggplot_evalMake a boxplot of a metric for each method using ggplot2
grapes-greater-than-grapesThis is not magrittr's pipe (actually it is)
load_drawsLoad one or more draws objects from file.
load-DrawsRef-methodLoad a DrawsRef
load_evalsLoad one or more Evals objects from file.
load-EvalsRef-methodLoad an EvalsRef
load_libraries_on_clusterLoad necessary libraries on a cluster
load-list-methodLoad a list of reference objects
load_modelLoad a model from file.
load-ModelRef-methodLoad a ModelRef
load-OutputRef-methodLoad an OutputRef
load_outputsLoad one or more output objects from file.
load_simulationLoad a simulation object
make_my_example_modelMake My Example Model
memory_as_stringWrite memory in human readable way
Method-classAn S4 class representing a method to be run by simulator.
MethodExtension-classAn S4 class used to create an extended version of a method
Metric-classAn S4 class representing an evaluation metric to be used by...
modelGet one or more models from a simulation
Model-classAn S4 class representing the model component of the...
model_namesGet model names in a Simulation
ModelRef-classAn S4 class representing a reference to an object of class...
models_as_data.frameConvert a list of Model objects into a data.frame
my_example_lossMy Example Loss
my_example_methodMy Example Method
new_aggregatorCreate an Aggregator object
new_extended_methodCreate an ExtendedMethod object
new_methodCreate a Method object
new_method_extensionCreate an object that can be used to make an extended version...
new_metricCreate a Metric object
new_modelCreate a Model object
new_simulationMake a new simulation object
outputGet one or more outputs from a simulation
Output-classAn S4 class representing the output of a method run by...
OutputRef-classAn S4 class representing a reference to an object of class...
outputs_or_evalsInternal function used by both outputs and evals
plot_evalMake a boxplot of a metric for each method
plot_eval_byPlot a metric across multiple values of a model parameter
plot_evalsPlot one metric versus another for each method
plus-list-MethodExtension-methodCreate a list of ExtendedMethod from a list of Methods and a...
plus-Method-MethodExtension-methodCreate an ExtendedMethod from a Method and MethodExtension
recycleRecycles elements to create vector of desired length
relabelGive simulation a new label
renameGive simulation a new name
run_extendedmethod_singleRun a single extended method on a single index of simulated...
run_extmethod_parallelRun one or more extended methods on simulated data.
run_methodRun one or more methods on simulated data.
run_method_parallelRun one or more methods on simulated data.
run_method_singleRun a single method on a single index of simulated data.
save_simulationSave a simulation object
simulate_from_modelSimulate from a model.
simulate_from_model_singleSimulate from a model.
simulate_parallelSimulate from a model in parallel.
SimulationAn S4 class representing a simulation.
subset_evalsReduce an Evals object to a subset of methods and/or metrics
subset_modelsSubset Models
subset_simulationCreate a simulation that is a subset of a preexisting...
tabulate_evalMake a table of a metric for each pair of models and methods
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