Model-class: An S4 class representing the model component of the...

Model-classR Documentation

An S4 class representing the model component of the simulator.


An object of class Model specifies the statistical model. In particular, all parameters are specified in addition to a function called simulate that allows one to draw random samples from this model.


To get parameters stored in a Model object, a shortcut for my_model@params$my_parameter is my_model$my_parameter.

This class inherits from the Component class.



a short name identifier. Must be alphanumeric (though -, _, and / are allowed as long as they are not at the start or end of name.


a longer, human readable label that can have other characters such as spaces, hyphens, etc.


a list that contains the Model object's parameters


a function that has arguments nsim and names matching elements within names(params). It returns a list of length nsim, where each element of the list represents a random draw from the Model object.

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