ExtendedMethod-class: An S4 class representing the extension of a method

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An object of class ExtendedMethod is like a Method except it uses the output of another method in addition to the Model and Draws.


While one can create an ExtendedMethod from scratch, typically it will be cleaner to write a MethodExtension object and then use the addition operator: my_extended_method = my_base_method + my_method_extension. For example, if my_base_method is the lasso, my_method_extension might be cross-validation, and the resulting my_extended_method would be the lasso with tuning parameter chosen by cross-validation. The advantage is that if we have several methods, we only have to write the cross-validation MethodExtension object once.

This class inherits from the Component class.



a short name identifier. Must be alphanumeric.


a longer, human readable label that can have other characters such as spaces, hyphens, etc.


the object of class Method that is being extended


a function with arguments "model", "draw", "out", and "base_method".

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