sjPlot: Data Visualization for Statistics in Social Science

Collection of plotting and table output functions for data visualization. Results of various statistical analyses (that are commonly used in social sciences) can be visualized using this package, including simple and cross tabulated frequencies, histograms, box plots, (generalized) linear models, mixed effects models, PCA and correlation matrices, cluster analyses, scatter plots, Likert scales, effects plots of regression models (including interaction terms) and much more. This package supports labelled data.

AuthorDaniel Lüdecke <>
Date of publication2017-01-10 15:32:36
MaintainerDaniel Lüdecke <>

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Man pages

dist_chisq: Plot chi-squared distributions

dist_f: Plot F distributions

dist_norm: Plot normal distributions

dist_t: Plot t-distributions

plot_grid: Arrange list of plots as grid

save_plot: Save ggplot-figure for print publication

set_theme: Set default theme for sjp-functions

sjc.cluster: Compute hierarchical or kmeans cluster analysis

sjc.dend: Compute hierarchical cluster analysis and visualize group...

sjc.elbow: Compute elbow values of a k-means cluster analysis

sjc.grpdisc: Compute a linear discriminant analysis on classified cluster...

sjc.kgap: Compute gap statistics for k-means-cluster

sjc.qclus: Compute quick cluster analysis

sjp.aov1: Plot One-Way-Anova tables

sjp.chi2: Plot Pearson's Chi2-Test of multiple contingency tables

sjp.corr: Plot correlation matrix

sjp.frq: Plot frequencies of variables

sjp.glm: Plot estimates, predictions or effects of generalized linear...

sjp.glmer: Plot estimates, predictions or effects of generalized linear...

sjp.glmm: Plot estimates of multiple fitted glm(er)'s

sjp.gpt: Plot grouped proportional tables

sjp.grpfrq: Plot grouped or stacked frequencies Plot interaction effects of (generalized) linear (mixed)...

sjp.kfold_cv: Plot model fit from k-fold cross-validation

sjp.likert: Plot likert scales as centered stacked bars

sjp.lm: Plot estimates, predictions or effects of linear models

sjp.lmer: Plot estimates, predictions or effects of linear mixed...

sjp.lmm: Plot estimates of multiple fitted lm(er)'s

sjplot: Wrapper to create plots and tables within a pipe-workflow

sjPlot-package: Data Visualization for Statistics in Social Science

sjp.pca: Plot PCA results

sjp.poly: Plot polynomials for (generalized) linear regression

sjp.resid: Plot predicted values and their residuals

sjp.scatter: Plot (grouped) scatter plots

sjp.setTheme: Set global theme options for sjp-functions

sjp.stackfrq: Plot stacked proportional bars

sjp.xtab: Plot contingency tables

sjt.corr: Summary of correlations as HTML table

sjt.df: Show (description of) data frame as HTML table

sjt.frq: Summary of frequencies as HTML table

sjt.glm: Summary of generalized linear models as HTML table

sjt.glmer: Summary of generalized linear mixed models as HTML table

sjt.grpmean: Summary of grouped means as HTML table

sjt.itemanalysis: Summary of item analysis of an item scale as HTML table

sjt.lm: Summary of linear regression as HTML table

sjt.lmer: Summary of linear mixed effects models as HTML table

sjt.mwu: Summary of Mann-Whitney-Test as HTML table

sjt.pca: Summary of principal component analysis as HTML table

sjt.stackfrq: Summary of stacked frequencies as HTML table

sjt.xtab: Summary of contingency tables as HTML table

view_df: View structure of labelled data frames

Files in this package

sjPlot/R/sjPlotScatter.R sjPlot/R/sjPlotClusterAnalysis.R sjPlot/R/sjPlotResiduals.R sjPlot/R/sjPlotPCA.R sjPlot/R/sjPlotDist.R sjPlot/R/set_theme.R sjPlot/R/plot_grid.R sjPlot/R/sjPlotAncovaLSMeans.R sjPlot/R/sjPlotFrequencies.R sjPlot/R/sjPlotPearsonsChi2Test.R sjPlot/R/sjPlotPolynomials.R sjPlot/R/sjTabStackFrq.R sjPlot/R/sjTabItemAnalysis.R sjPlot/R/sjPlotPropTable.R sjPlot/R/sjPlotKfoldCV.R sjPlot/R/sjTabLinReg.R sjPlot/R/sjPlotLinreg.R sjPlot/R/sjPlotSetTheme.R sjPlot/R/sjTabFrequencies.R sjPlot/R/sjTabPCA.R sjPlot/R/sjPlotAnova.R sjPlot/R/sjPlotOddsMultiple.R sjPlot/R/table_functions.R sjPlot/R/sjplot.R sjPlot/R/helpfunctions.R sjPlot/R/sjTabGrpmean.R sjPlot/R/sjTabPropTable.R sjPlot/R/sjTabMannWhitney.R sjPlot/R/sjPlotGLME.R sjPlot/R/sjPlotStackFrequencies.R sjPlot/R/sjPlotOdds.R sjPlot/R/sjTabCorr.R sjPlot/R/sjPlotGroupFrequencies.R sjPlot/R/sjPlotCorr.R sjPlot/R/sjTabDataFrame.R sjPlot/R/sjTabSPSS.R sjPlot/R/zzz.R sjPlot/R/sjTabOdds.R sjPlot/R/sjPlotLikert.R sjPlot/R/sjPlotLinregMultiple.R sjPlot/R/sjPlotGroupPropTable.R sjPlot/R/sjPlotInteractions.R
sjPlot/man/sjc.grpdisc.Rd sjPlot/man/sjt.itemanalysis.Rd sjPlot/man/sjc.elbow.Rd sjPlot/man/sjt.lmer.Rd sjPlot/man/sjp.likert.Rd sjPlot/man/sjt.pca.Rd sjPlot/man/sjp.glmm.Rd sjPlot/man/sjp.glm.Rd sjPlot/man/sjp.kfold_cv.Rd sjPlot/man/sjt.df.Rd sjPlot/man/sjp.corr.Rd sjPlot/man/sjt.glm.Rd sjPlot/man/sjc.qclus.Rd sjPlot/man/sjt.grpmean.Rd sjPlot/man/sjt.glmer.Rd sjPlot/man/sjt.stackfrq.Rd sjPlot/man/sjp.lmer.Rd sjPlot/man/sjp.resid.Rd sjPlot/man/sjt.lm.Rd sjPlot/man/ sjPlot/man/sjp.lm.Rd sjPlot/man/sjp.gpt.Rd sjPlot/man/save_plot.Rd sjPlot/man/sjp.xtab.Rd sjPlot/man/sjc.cluster.Rd sjPlot/man/sjt.corr.Rd sjPlot/man/sjp.pca.Rd sjPlot/man/sjp.poly.Rd sjPlot/man/sjp.grpfrq.Rd sjPlot/man/dist_f.Rd sjPlot/man/sjPlot-package.Rd sjPlot/man/sjc.kgap.Rd sjPlot/man/sjplot.Rd sjPlot/man/dist_t.Rd sjPlot/man/set_theme.Rd sjPlot/man/sjt.mwu.Rd sjPlot/man/plot_grid.Rd sjPlot/man/sjt.frq.Rd sjPlot/man/sjp.stackfrq.Rd sjPlot/man/dist_norm.Rd sjPlot/man/sjp.chi2.Rd sjPlot/man/dist_chisq.Rd sjPlot/man/sjt.xtab.Rd sjPlot/man/sjc.dend.Rd sjPlot/man/sjp.frq.Rd sjPlot/man/view_df.Rd sjPlot/man/sjp.scatter.Rd sjPlot/man/sjp.aov1.Rd sjPlot/man/sjp.glmer.Rd sjPlot/man/sjp.lmm.Rd sjPlot/man/sjp.setTheme.Rd

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