Man pages for sjPlot
Data Visualization for Statistics in Social Science

dist_chisqPlot chi-squared distributions
dist_fPlot F distributions
dist_normPlot normal distributions
dist_tPlot t-distributions
efcSample dataset from the EUROFAMCARE project
plot_frqPlot frequencies of variables
plot_gptPlot grouped proportional tables
plot_gridArrange list of plots as grid
plot_grpfrqPlot grouped or stacked frequencies
plot_kfold_cvPlot model fit from k-fold cross-validation
plot_likertPlot likert scales as centered stacked bars
plot_modelPlot regression models
plot_modelsForest plot of multiple regression models
plot_residualsPlot predicted values and their residuals
plot_scatterPlot (grouped) scatter plots
plot_stackfrqPlot stacked proportional bars
plot_xtabPlot contingency tables
save_plotSave ggplot-figure for print publication
set_themeSet global theme options for sjp-functions
sjp.aov1Plot One-Way-Anova tables
sjp.chi2Plot Pearson's Chi2-Test of multiple contingency tables
sjp.corrPlot correlation matrix
sjplotWrapper to create plots and tables within a pipe-workflow
sjPlot-packageData Visualization for Statistics in Social Science
sjPlot-themesModify plot appearance
sjp.polyPlot polynomials for (generalized) linear regression
tab_corrSummary of correlations as HTML table
tab_dfPrint data frames as HTML table.
tab_faSummary of factor analysis as HTML table
tab_itemscaleSummary of item analysis of an item scale as HTML table
tab_modelPrint regression models as HTML table
tab_pcaSummary of principal component analysis as HTML table
tab_stackfrqSummary of stacked frequencies as HTML table
tab_xtabSummary of contingency tables as HTML table
view_dfView structure of labelled data frames
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