sjmisc: Data Transformation and Labelled Data Utility Functions

Collection of miscellaneous utility functions (especially intended for people coming from other statistical software packages like 'SPSS', and/ or who are new to R), supporting following common tasks when working with data : 1) Reading and writing data between R and other statistical software packages like 'SPSS', 'SAS' or 'Stata' and working with labelled data; this includes easy ways to get and set label attributes, to convert labelled vectors into factors (and vice versa), or to deal with multiple declared missing values etc. 2) Data transformation tasks like recoding, dichotomizing or grouping variables, setting and replacing missing values. The data transformation functions also support labelled data.

AuthorDaniel Lüdecke <>
Date of publication2017-01-09 09:50:07
MaintainerDaniel Lüdecke <>

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Man pages

add_labels: Add, replace or remove value labels of variables

as_labelled: Convert vector to labelled class

big_mark: Formats large numbers with big marks

copy_labels: Copy value and variable labels to (subsetted) data frames

count_na: Frequency table of tagged NA values

descr: Basic descriptive statistics

dicho: Dichotomize variables

efc: Sample dataset from the EUROFAMCARE project

empty_cols: Return or remove variables or observations that are...

find_var: Find variable by name or label

flat_table: Flat (proportional) tables

frq: Frequencies of labelled variables

get_label: Retrieve variable label(s) of labelled data

get_labels: Retrieve value labels of labelled data

get_na: Retrieve tagged NA values of labelled variables

get_note: Retrieve notes (annotations) from labelled variables

get_values: Retrieve values of labelled variables

group_str: Group near elements of string vectors

group_var: Recode numeric variables into equal-ranged groups

is_crossed: Check whether two factors are crossed or nested

is_empty: Check whether string, list or vector is empty

is_even: Check whether value is even or odd

is_labelled: Check whether object is of class "labelled"

is_num_fac: Check whether a factor has numeric levels only

lbl_df: Create a labelled data frame

merge_df: Merge labelled data frames

merge_imputations: Merges multiple imputed data frames into a single data frame

read_spss: Import data from other statistical software packages

rec: Recode variables

recode_to: Recode variable categories into new values

rec_pattern: Create recode pattern for 'rec' function

ref_lvl: Change reference level of (numeric) factors

remove_all_labels: Remove value and variable labels from vector or data frame

replace_na: Replace NA with specific values

set_label: Add variable label(s) to variables

set_labels: Add value labels to variables

set_na: Replace specific values in vector with NA

set_note: Add notes (annotations) to (labelled) variables

sjmisc-package: Data Transformation and Labelled Data Utility Functions

split_var: Split numeric variables into smaller groups

spread_coef: Spread model coefficients of list-variables into columns

str_contains: Check if string contains pattern

str_pos: Find partial matching and close distance elements in strings

to_character: Convert variable into character vector and replace values...

to_dummy: Split (categorical) vectors into dummy variables

to_factor: Convert variable into factor and keep value labels

to_label: Convert variable into factor and replace values with...

to_long: Convert wide data to long format

to_value: Convert factors to numeric variables

trim: Trim leading and trailing whitespaces from strings

unlabel: Convert labelled vectors into normal classes

var_labels: Add variable label(s) to variables

var_rename: Rename variables

word_wrap: Insert line breaks in long labels

write_spss: Write data to other statistical software packages

zap_inf: Convert infiite or NaN values into regular NA

zap_labels: Drop, add or convert (non-)labelled values to vectors

zap_na_tags: Convert tagged NA values into regular NA

Files in this package

sjmisc/R/S3-methods.R sjmisc/R/recode_to.R sjmisc/R/remove_all_labels.R sjmisc/R/group_str.R sjmisc/R/is_crossed.R sjmisc/R/to_dummy.R sjmisc/R/count_na.R sjmisc/R/big_mark.R sjmisc/R/frq.R sjmisc/R/to_factor.R sjmisc/R/as_labelled.R sjmisc/R/read_write.R sjmisc/R/merge_df.R sjmisc/R/descr.R sjmisc/R/get_labels.R sjmisc/R/copy_labels.R sjmisc/R/replace_na.R sjmisc/R/var_labels.R sjmisc/R/remove_labels.R sjmisc/R/set_na.R sjmisc/R/is_num_fac.R sjmisc/R/drop_labels.R sjmisc/R/get_na.R sjmisc/R/merge_imputations.R sjmisc/R/is_labelled.R sjmisc/R/str_contains.R sjmisc/R/is_empty.R sjmisc/R/is_even.R sjmisc/R/find_var.R sjmisc/R/get_values.R sjmisc/R/set_labels.R sjmisc/R/get_label.R sjmisc/R/get_note.R sjmisc/R/group_var.R sjmisc/R/rec.R sjmisc/R/helpfunctions.R sjmisc/R/to_value.R sjmisc/R/trim.R sjmisc/R/dicho.R sjmisc/R/prop_table.R sjmisc/R/set_label.R sjmisc/R/rec_pattern.R sjmisc/R/efc.R sjmisc/R/str_pos.R sjmisc/R/word_wrap.R sjmisc/R/to_label.R sjmisc/R/unlabel.R sjmisc/R/to_long.R sjmisc/R/zap_labels.R sjmisc/R/ref_lvl.R sjmisc/R/fill_labels.R sjmisc/R/split_var.R sjmisc/R/add_labels.R sjmisc/R/spread_coef.R
sjmisc/man/is_num_fac.Rd sjmisc/man/group_var.Rd sjmisc/man/lbl_df.Rd sjmisc/man/zap_na_tags.Rd sjmisc/man/merge_imputations.Rd sjmisc/man/to_long.Rd sjmisc/man/get_values.Rd sjmisc/man/to_dummy.Rd sjmisc/man/set_note.Rd sjmisc/man/to_character.Rd sjmisc/man/set_na.Rd sjmisc/man/as_labelled.Rd sjmisc/man/set_label.Rd sjmisc/man/sjmisc-package.Rd sjmisc/man/frq.Rd sjmisc/man/group_str.Rd sjmisc/man/is_crossed.Rd sjmisc/man/flat_table.Rd sjmisc/man/read_spss.Rd sjmisc/man/to_factor.Rd sjmisc/man/get_labels.Rd sjmisc/man/is_empty.Rd sjmisc/man/is_labelled.Rd sjmisc/man/descr.Rd sjmisc/man/ref_lvl.Rd sjmisc/man/str_contains.Rd sjmisc/man/var_labels.Rd sjmisc/man/replace_na.Rd sjmisc/man/word_wrap.Rd sjmisc/man/to_label.Rd sjmisc/man/rec.Rd sjmisc/man/get_note.Rd sjmisc/man/efc.Rd sjmisc/man/big_mark.Rd sjmisc/man/empty_cols.Rd sjmisc/man/split_var.Rd sjmisc/man/var_rename.Rd sjmisc/man/merge_df.Rd sjmisc/man/spread_coef.Rd sjmisc/man/str_pos.Rd sjmisc/man/rec_pattern.Rd sjmisc/man/get_na.Rd sjmisc/man/trim.Rd sjmisc/man/find_var.Rd sjmisc/man/zap_labels.Rd sjmisc/man/zap_inf.Rd sjmisc/man/unlabel.Rd sjmisc/man/get_label.Rd sjmisc/man/recode_to.Rd sjmisc/man/count_na.Rd sjmisc/man/write_spss.Rd sjmisc/man/remove_all_labels.Rd sjmisc/man/copy_labels.Rd sjmisc/man/to_value.Rd sjmisc/man/dicho.Rd sjmisc/man/add_labels.Rd sjmisc/man/is_even.Rd sjmisc/man/set_labels.Rd

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