sjstats: Collection of Convenient Functions for Common Statistical Computations

Collection of convenient functions for common statistical computations, which are not directly provided by R's base or stats packages. This package aims at providing, first, shortcuts for statistical measures, which otherwise could only be calculated with additional effort (like standard errors or root mean squared errors). Second, these shortcut functions are generic (if appropriate), and can be applied not only to vectors, but also to other objects as well (e.g., the Coefficient of Variation can be computed for vectors, linear models, or linear mixed models; the r2()-function returns the r-squared value for 'lm', 'glm', 'merMod' or 'lme' objects). The focus of most functions lies on summary statistics or fit measures for regression models, including generalized linear models and mixed effects models. However, some of the functions also deal with other statistical measures, like Cronbach's Alpha, Cramer's V, Phi etc.

AuthorDaniel Lüdecke <>
Date of publication2016-12-18 19:29:00
MaintainerDaniel Lüdecke <>

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Man pages

boot_ci: Standard error and confidence intervals for bootstrapped...

bootstrap: Generate nonparametric bootstrap replications

chisq_gof: Chi-square goodness-of-fit-test

cod: Tjur's Coefficient of Discrimination

converge_ok: Convergence test for mixed effects models

cv: Coefficient of Variation

deff: Design effects for two-level mixed models

efc: Sample dataset from the EUROFAMCARE project

eta_sq: Eta-squared of fitted anova

get_model_pval: Get p-values from regression model objects

hoslem_gof: Hosmer-Lemeshow Goodness-of-fit-test

icc: Intraclass-Correlation Coefficient

inequ_trend: Compute trends in status inequalities

levene_test: Levene-Test for One-Way-Anova

mean_n: Row means with min amount of valid values

mwu: Mann-Whitney-U-Test

odds_to_rr: Get relative risks estimates from logistic regressions

overdisp: Check overdispersion of GL(M)M's

phi: Measures of associations for contingency tables

pred_vars: Get predictor and response variables from models

prop: Proportion of values in a vector

r2: Compute r-squared of (generalized) linear (mixed) models

reliab_test: Check internal consistency of a test or questionnaire

re_var: Random effect variances

rmse: Compute model quality

robust: Robust standard errors for regression models

se: Standard Error for variables or coefficients

se_ybar: Standard error of sample mean for mixed models

sjstats-package: Collection of Convenient Functions for Common Statistical...

smpsize_lmm: Sample size for linear mixed models

std: Standardize and center variables

std_beta: Standardized beta coefficients and CI of linear and mixed...

table_values: Expected and relative table values

var_pop: Calculate population variance and standard deviation

weight: Weight a variable

wtd_sd: Weighted statistics for variables

Files in this package

sjstats/R/odds_to_rr.R sjstats/R/mwu.R sjstats/R/S3-methods.R sjstats/R/sjStatistics.R sjstats/R/converge_ok.R sjstats/R/phi.R sjstats/R/bootstrap.R sjstats/R/prop.R sjstats/R/cv.R sjstats/R/samplesize_lme.R sjstats/R/se.R sjstats/R/rmse.R sjstats/R/std_b.R sjstats/R/pseudo_r2.R sjstats/R/pred_vars.R sjstats/R/merMod_p.R sjstats/R/overdisp.R sjstats/R/internal_consistency.R sjstats/R/icc.R sjstats/R/weight.R sjstats/R/eta_sq.R sjstats/R/var_pop.R sjstats/R/helpfunctions.R sjstats/R/mean_n.R sjstats/R/boot_ci.R sjstats/R/std.R sjstats/R/efc.R sjstats/R/inequ_trends.R sjstats/R/gof.R sjstats/R/robust.R
sjstats/man/prop.Rd sjstats/man/inequ_trend.Rd sjstats/man/bootstrap.Rd sjstats/man/chisq_gof.Rd sjstats/man/cv.Rd sjstats/man/rmse.Rd sjstats/man/weight.Rd sjstats/man/get_model_pval.Rd sjstats/man/eta_sq.Rd sjstats/man/re_var.Rd sjstats/man/std_beta.Rd sjstats/man/deff.Rd sjstats/man/std.Rd sjstats/man/mean_n.Rd sjstats/man/table_values.Rd sjstats/man/mwu.Rd sjstats/man/icc.Rd sjstats/man/var_pop.Rd sjstats/man/odds_to_rr.Rd sjstats/man/pred_vars.Rd sjstats/man/boot_ci.Rd sjstats/man/robust.Rd sjstats/man/sjstats-package.Rd sjstats/man/levene_test.Rd sjstats/man/se.Rd sjstats/man/hoslem_gof.Rd sjstats/man/efc.Rd sjstats/man/reliab_test.Rd sjstats/man/overdisp.Rd sjstats/man/converge_ok.Rd sjstats/man/se_ybar.Rd sjstats/man/phi.Rd sjstats/man/r2.Rd sjstats/man/smpsize_lmm.Rd sjstats/man/cod.Rd sjstats/man/wtd_sd.Rd

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