Man pages for sjstats
Collection of Convenient Functions for Common Statistical Computations

anova_statsEffect size statistics for anova
auto_priorCreate default priors for brms-models
boot_ciStandard error and confidence intervals for bootstrapped...
bootstrapGenerate nonparametric bootstrap replications
chisq_gofCompute model quality
crosstable_statisticsMeasures of association for contingency tables
cvCompute model quality
cv_errorTest and training error from model cross-validation
design_effectDesign effects for two-level mixed models
efcSample dataset from the EUROFAMCARE project
find_betaDetermining distribution parameters
gmdGini's Mean Difference
inequ_trendCompute trends in status inequalities
is_primeFind prime numbers
mean_nRow means with min amount of valid values
means_by_groupSummary of mean values by group
nhanes_sampleSample dataset from the National Health and Nutrition...
propProportions of values in a vector
r2Deprecated functions
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
samplesize_mixedSample size for linear mixed models
se_ybarStandard error of sample mean for mixed models
svyglm.nbSurvey-weighted negative binomial generalised linear model
svyglm.zipSurvey-weighted zero-inflated Poisson model
table_valuesExpected and relative table values
var_popCalculate population variance and standard deviation
weightWeight a variable
weighted_sdWeighted statistics for tests and variables
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