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skeleSim is a tool to guide users in choosing appropriate simulations, setting parameters, calculating summary genetic statistics, and organizing data output, all within the R environment. skeleSim is designed to be an extensible environment that can 'wrap' around any simulation software to increase its accessibility and use.


To install the latest version from GitHub:

# make sure you have Rtools installed
if (!require('devtools')) install.packages('devtools')
# install from GitHub
devtools::install_github('christianparobek/skeleSim', build_vignettes = TRUE)


To run the shiny app:

# Load the skeleSim package

# Run the app


version 0.9.6

Error in summary(loc.g)$strata.smry : 
  $ operator is invalid for atomic vectors

version 0.9.5

Try the skeleSim package in your browser

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