build.R: Build a Sklar's Omega correlation matrix.

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Build a Sklar's Omega correlation matrix.





a matrix of scores. Each row corresponds to a unit, each column a coder.


This function accepts a data matrix and uses its column names to build the appropriate block-diagonal correlation matrix. If gold-standard scores are included, they should be in the first column of the matrix, and that column should be named 'g'. For a given coder, the column name should begin with 'c', and then the coder number and score number should follow, separated by '.' (so that multi-digit numbers can be accommodated). For example, 'c.12.2' denotes the second score for coder 12.

Note that this function is called by and so is not a user-level function, per se. We expose the function so that interested users can more easily carry out simulation studies.


build.R returns a list comprising two elements.


the correlation matrix.


a character vector that contains names for the parameters of the correlation matrix.

See Also, check.colnames

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