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Statistical Methods for Interval Censored Data

ExamExam scores from inner London
kdeAlgoEstimation of Statistical Indicators from Interval Censored...
kdeAlgoObjectFitted kdeAlgoObject
plot.kdeAlgoPlot Diagnostics for a kdeAlgo Object
plot.semPlot Diagnostics for sem Objects
print.kdeAlgoPrints a kdeAlgo Object
print.semPrints a sem Object
print.summary.semPrints a summary.sem Object
semLmLinear Regression with Interval Censored Dependent Variable
semLmeLinear Mixed Regression with Interval Censored Dependent...
semObjectFitted semObject
smicdStatistical Methods for Interval Censored (Grouped) Data
summary.semSummarizing Linear and Linear Mixed Models with SEM
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