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Available are convergence plots for the estimated fixed effects model parameters and the residual variance of the linear or linear mixed regression model. If the Box-Cox transformation is used for the transformation of the dependent variable, a convergence plot of the transformation parameter lambda is also available. In each of the convergence plots, the estimated parameter is plotted against the iteration step of the SEM-algorithm. A vertical line indicates the end of the burn-in period. Furthermore, the estimated density of the simulated dependent variable from the last iteration step is plotted with a histogram of the interval censored true dependent variable in the back.


## S3 method for class 'sem'
plot(x, ...)



an object of type "sem", typical result of semLm or semLme.


optional arguments passed to generic function.


Convergence and density plots.


Walter, P., Gross, M., Schmid, T. and Tzavidis, N. (2017). Estimation of Linear and Non-Linear Indicators using Interval Censored Income Data. School of Business & Economics, Discussion Paper.

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