Man pages for snpEnrichment
SNPs Enrichment Analysis

Chromosome-classClass 'Chromosome'
compareEnrichmentCompare enrichment analysis between two SNPs list
Enrichment-classClass 'Enrichment'
EnrichSNP-classClass '"EnrichSNP"'
excludeSNP-methodsExclude SNPs from Enrichment analysis
GCFull Garbage Collection
getEnrichSNP-methodsGet all eSNP/xSNP which are enriched
initFilesInitialize files for enrichment analysis
is.chromosomeIs an Chromosome object
is.enrichmentIs an Enrichment object
mclapply2Parallel Versions of 'lapply' with cores and memory control
plot-methodsPlot method (S4) for 'Enrichment' object
print-methodsPrint method (S4)
readEnrichmentRead and create EnrichmentRatio object
reSample-methodsCompute enrichment analysis on an 'Enrichment' object
snpEnrichment-internal~ Internal: snpEnrichment objects and methods ~
snpEnrichment-package~ Overview: SNPs enrichment analysis ~
toyEnrichment-datasetToy dataset with SNP data
transcript-datasetTranscript information in order to check the CIS status for...
writeLDLinkage Disequilibrium (LD) computation with PLINK
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