Specific Correspondence Analysis for the Social Sciences

Specific and class specific multiple correspondence analysis on survey-like data. is optimized to the needs of the social scientist and presents easily interpretable results in near publication ready quality.

AuthorAnton Grau Larsen, with contributions from Christoph Ellersgaard and Stefan Andrade
Date of publication2016-02-09 15:53:12
MaintainerAnton Grau Larsen <>

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Man pages

add.count: Add a new layer of points on top of an existing plot with... Add values to label

assign.label: Assign new labels

average.coord: Average coordinates

balance: Contribution balance

contribution: Summaries of contribution values

create.quadrant: Create categories according to the quadrant position of each...

csa.all: Multiple Class Specific Correspondence Analysis on all values...

csa.measures: CSA measures

directors: Directors dataset

export: Export results from

export.label: Exports the labels of a object into a csv file.

ind.explorer: Explore the cloud of individuals

indicator: Indicator matrix

invert: Invert the direction of coordinates Map the active modalities

map.add: Add points to an existing map created by one of the

map.array: Array of maps

map.csa.all: Array of several CSA maps

map.csa.mca: Map the coordinates of the individuals in a CSA and its MCA

map.csa.mca.array: CSA-MCA array

map.ctr: Map the most contributing modalities

map.density: Density plot for the cloud of individuals

map.ellipse: Concentration ellipses

map.ellipse.array: Ellipse array

map.ind: Map the individuals of a analysis

map.mod: Map all modalities

map.path: Map path along an ordered variable Map select modalities and individuals

map.sup: Map the supplementary modalities

min_cut: Cut a continuous variable into categories with a specified...

print.soc.mca: Print objects a package for specific correspondence analysis

soc.csa: Class Specific Multiple Correspondence Analysis

soc.mca: Specific Multiple Correspondence Analysis

supplementary.individuals: Add supplementary individuals to a result object

taste: Taste dataset

variance: Variance table

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