soiltexture: Functions for Soil Texture Plot, Classification and Transformation

"The Soil Texture Wizard" is a set of R functions designed to produce texture triangles (also called texture plots, texture diagrams, texture ternary plots), classify and transform soil textures data. These functions virtually allows to plot any soil texture triangle (classification) into any triangle geometry (isosceles, right-angled triangles, etc.). This set of function is expected to be useful to people using soil textures data from different soil texture classification or different particle size systems. Many (> 15) texture triangles from all around the world are predefined in the package. A simple text based graphical user interface is provided: soiltexture_gui().

AuthorJulien Moeys [aut, cre], Wei Shangguan [ctb], Rainer Petzold [ctb], Budiman Minasny [ctb], Bogdan Rosca [ctb], Nic Jelinski [ctb], Wiktor Zelazny [ctb], Rodolfo Marcondes Silva Souza [ctb], Jose Lucas Safanelli [ctb], Alexandre ten Caten [ctb]
Date of publication2016-06-07 16:50:25
MaintainerJulien Moeys <>
LicenseAGPL (>= 3)

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Man pages

soiltexture_gui: Text-based menu for plotting and classifying soil texture...

soiltextureInfo: Display and / or export system and package version...

soiltexture-package: Functions for Soil Texture Plot, Classification and...

TT.add: Function to add a new default package parameters. Internal. Retrieve and set default values for parameters...

TT.axis.arrows: Internal. Plot the axis' arrows of a texture triangle plot.

TT.baseplot: Internal. Create an empty plot scene for a texture triangle. Internal. Create a tabular version of clay silt sand particle...

TT.blr.tx.check: Internal. Check the consistency between blr.tx and css.names. Internal. Check the consistency between '' and...

TT.chemometrics.alr: Compute the additive log-ratio transformation of...

TT.classes: Plot the texture classes polygons in a texture triangle plot.

TT.classes.tbl: Returns the table of classes of a texture classification...

TT.col2hsv: Internal. Convert any colors to hsv.

TT.contour: Wrapper for the contour() function adapted to texture...

TT.css2xy: Internal. Converts texture data (3 classes) into x-y...

TT.dataset: Genetates a virtual cross correlated clay silt sand + Z... Test the validity of some soil texture data table (3 particle... Test the validity of some soil texture data table (X particle...

TT.deg2rad: Internal. Function to convert angle in degree to angle in...

TT.dia2phi: Internal. Convert a soil particle diameter dia [micro-meters]...

TT.DJ.col: Internal. A function to obtaine a weight average 'mix' of...

TT.edges: Internal. Plot the edges (bare axis) of a soil texture...

TT.env: TT env

TT.gen.op.set: Internal. Retrieve and set default values from options.

TT.geo.get: Internal. Retrieve and return the geometrical parameters from...

TT.geo.set: Internal. Takes "geo" values and assign them individually in...

TT.get: Function to retrieve / get the default package parameters.

TT.grid: Plot a grid at regular texture intervals inside an existing...

TT.ifelse: Internal. Flexible version of ifelse.

TT.image: Wrapper for the contour() function adapted to texture...

TT.iwd: Inverse weighted distance interpolation on a grid.

TT.kde2d: Calculated the 2D probabilty density on an x-y grid.

TT.lines: Internal. Used to plot line elements of a texture plot axis,...

TT.locator: Interactive (mouse clic) retrieval the CLAY SILT SAND...

TT.mahalanobis: Calculates the Mahalanobis distance between clay silt and...

TT.normalise.sum: Normalises the sum of the 3 particle size classes.

TT.normalise.sum.X: Normalises the sum of the X particle size classes.

TT.par.op.set: Internal. Retrieve and set default values from options with...

TT.phi2dia: Internal. Convert a soil particle phi value into diameter dia...

TT.plot: Plot soil texture triangles / diagrams.

TT.points: Plot a soil texture data table as points on an existing... Classify a table of soil texture data according to a soil...

TT.polygon.area: Internal. Determines the area of 1 polygon (in x-y...

TT.polygon.centroids: Internal. Determines the centroid of 1 polygon (in x-y...

TT.set: Function to change / set the default package parameters.

TT.str: Internal. Stretch or reshape the range of value of some data...

TT.switch: Internal. Used in the plot axis drawings.

TT.text: Plot text labels for each values of a soil texture data table...

TT.text.transf: Log-linear transformation of a soil texture data table...

TT.text.transf.X: Log-linear transformation of a soil texture data table...

TT.ticks: Internal. Plot the axis' ticks of a texture triangle plot.

TT.ticks.lab: Internal. Plot the axis ticks' labels of a texture triangle...

TT.vertices.plot: Internal. Plot the vertices of a texture classification...

TT.vertices.tbl: Returns the table of vertices of a texture classification...

TT.xy2css: Internal. Convert point-data duplets (2 variables, x-y...

TT.xy.grid: Internal. Create a grid in the x-y coordinate system.


soiltexture Man page
soiltexture_gui Man page
soiltextureInfo Man page
soiltexture-package Man page
TT.add Man page Man page
TT.axis.arrows Man page
TT.baseplot Man page Man page
TT.blr.tx.check Man page Man page
TT.chemometrics.alr Man page
TT.classes Man page
TT.classes.tbl Man page
TT.col2hsv Man page
TT.contour Man page
TT.css2xy Man page
TT.dataset Man page Man page Man page
TT.deg2rad Man page
TT.dia2phi Man page
TT.DJ.col Man page
TT.edges Man page
TT.env Man page
TT.gen.op.set Man page
TT.geo.get Man page
TT.geo.set Man page
TT.get Man page
TT.grid Man page
TT.ifelse Man page
TT.image Man page
TT.iwd Man page
TT.kde2d Man page
TT.lines Man page
TT.locator Man page
TT.mahalanobis Man page
TT.normalise.sum Man page
TT.normalise.sum.X Man page
TT.par.op.set Man page
TT.phi2dia Man page
TT.plot Man page
TT.points Man page Man page
TT.polygon.area Man page
TT.polygon.centroids Man page
TT.set Man page
TT.str Man page
TT.switch Man page
TT.text Man page
TT.text.transf Man page
TT.text.transf.X Man page
TT.ticks Man page
TT.ticks.lab Man page
TT.vertices.plot Man page
TT.vertices.tbl Man page
TT.xy2css Man page
TT.xy.grid Man page


soiltexture/R/onAttach.R soiltexture/R/soiltexture.R soiltexture/R/soiltexture_text_gui.R soiltexture/R/soiltextureInfo.R
soiltexture/man/TT.chemometrics.alr.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.par.op.set.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.add.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.ifelse.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.contour.Rd soiltexture/man/ soiltexture/man/TT.css2xy.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.polygon.area.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.phi2dia.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.get.Rd soiltexture/man/soiltexture_gui.Rd soiltexture/man/ soiltexture/man/TT.blr.tx.check.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.normalise.sum.X.Rd soiltexture/man/soiltextureInfo.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.grid.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.points.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.classes.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.classes.tbl.Rd soiltexture/man/ soiltexture/man/TT.DJ.col.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.gen.op.set.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.text.transf.X.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.set.Rd soiltexture/man/ soiltexture/man/TT.text.transf.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.locator.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.vertices.tbl.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.normalise.sum.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.xy2css.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.dia2phi.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.deg2rad.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.plot.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.baseplot.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.geo.set.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.edges.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.vertices.plot.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.lines.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.image.Rd soiltexture/man/ soiltexture/man/TT.col2hsv.Rd soiltexture/man/ soiltexture/man/TT.env.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.str.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.geo.get.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.mahalanobis.Rd soiltexture/man/soiltexture-package.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.axis.arrows.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.ticks.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.ticks.lab.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.iwd.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.dataset.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.polygon.centroids.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.kde2d.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.xy.grid.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.switch.Rd soiltexture/man/TT.text.Rd

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