TT.chemometrics.alr: Compute the additive log-ratio transformation of...

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Function that compute the additive

log-ratio transformation of compositional data (here texture

data). This a a copy-paste-and-rename of the alr function provided

by the package chemometrics: P. Filzmoser and K. Varmuza (2008).

chemometrics: Multivariate Statistical Analysis in Chemometrics.

R package version 0.4.

The function has been modified so it returns NA when a value

is below or equal to zero (this happens when using a regular

grid of texture data, for practical reasons).

The function has also been modified so it uses column name

rather than column index.


TT.chemometrics.alr(X, divisorvar, css.names)




Julien Moeys [aut, cre], Wei Shangguan [ctb], Rainer Petzold [ctb], Budiman Minasny [ctb], Bogdan Rosca [ctb], Nic Jelinski [ctb], Wiktor Zelazny [ctb], Rodolfo Marcondes Silva Souza [ctb], Jose Lucas Safanelli [ctb], Alexandre ten Caten [ctb]

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