Man pages for spBayesSurv
Bayesian Modeling and Analysis of Spatially Correlated Survival Data

anovaDDPBayesian Nonparametric Survival Model
baselineStratification effects on baseline functions
bsplineGenerate a Cubic B-Spline Basis Matrix
cox.snell.survregbayesCox-Snell Diagnostic Plot
frailtyGAFTGeneralized Accelerated Failure Time Frailty Model
frailtypriorFrailty prior specification
GetCurvesDensity, Survival, and Hazard Estimates
indeptCoxphBayesian Proportional Hazards Model
LeukSurvThe Leukemia Survival Data
predict.bsplineEvaluate a Cubic Spline Basis
SpatDensRegBayesian Nonparametric Spatially Smoothed Density Estimation
spCopulaCoxphMarginal Bayesian Proportional Hazards Model via Spatial...
spCopulaDDPMarginal Bayesian Nonparametric Survival Model via Spatial...
SuperSurvRegBayesBayesian Semiparametric Super Survival Model
survregbayesBayesian Semiparametric Survival Models
survregbayes2Bayesian Semiparametric Survival Models
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