frailtyprior: Frailty prior specification

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This function allows one to add a frailty term to the linear predictor of semiparametric PH, PO and AFT models.


frailtyprior(prior="car", ...)



a name string to be entered, e.g, "car", "iid", "kriging" or "grf"; see the example in frailtyGAFT and survregbayes2.


Cluster ID to be entered for clustered data or locations for point-referenced data; see the example in frailtyGAFT and survregbayes2.


Haiming Zhou <> and Tim Hanson <>


Zhou, H. and Hanson, T. (2017). A unified framework for fitting Bayesian semiparametric models to arbitrarily censored spatial survival data. arXiv preprint arXiv:1701.06976.

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