Man pages for sparr
Spatial and Spatiotemporal Relative Risk

available.h0Available global bandwidth range
bivariate.densityBivariate kernel density/intensity estimation
BOOT.densityBootstrap bandwidth for a spatial kernel density estimate
BOOT.spattempBootstrap bandwidths for a spatiotemporal kernel density...
burkBurkitt's lymphoma in Uganda
CVCross-validation bandwidths for spatial kernel density...
fft2d2D fast-Fourier wrapper around 'fftwtools' or 'stats' package
fmdVeterinary foot-and-mouth disease outbreak data
LSCV.riskJointly optimal bandwidth selection for the spatial relative...
LSCV.spattempCross-validation bandwidths for spatiotemporal kernel density...
multiscale.densityMulti-scale adaptive kernel density/intensity estimation
multiscale.sliceSlicing a multi-scale density/intensity object
NSNormal scale (NS) bandwidth selector
OSOversmoothing (OS) bandwidth selector
pbcPrimary biliary cirrhosis data
plotsparrPlotting sparr objects
printsparrPrinting sparr objects
rimpolyRandom point generation inside polygon
riskSpatial relative risk/density ratio
SLIK.adaptSimultaneous global/pilot likelihood bandwidth selection
sparr-internalInternal 'sparr' functions
sparr-packageThe sparr Package: Spatial and Spatiotemporal Relative Risk
spattemp.densitySpatiotemporal kernel density estimation
spattemp.riskSpatiotemporal relative risk/density ratio
spattemp.sliceSlicing a spatiotemporal object
summarysparrSummarising sparr objects
tol.contourPlot tolerance contours
toleranceTolerance by _p_-value surfaces
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