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Spatio-Temporal Modeling of Large Data Using a Spectral SPDE Approach

colsFunction that returns the color scale for 'image()'.
ffbsForward Filtering Backward Sampling algorithm.
ffbs.spectralForward Filtering Backward Sampling algorithm in the spectral...
get.propagatorPropagator matrix G.
get.propagator.vecPropagator matrix G in vector form.
get.real.dft.matMatrix applying the two-dimensional real Fourier transform. of posterior distributions. function for the real Fourier transform.
innov.specSpectrum of the innovation term epsilon.
lin.predLinear predictor.
loglikeLog-likelihood of the hyperparameters. non-gridded data to a grid.
matern.specSpectrum of the Matern covariance function.
mcmc.summarySummary function for MCMC output.
PalphaPrior for direction of anisotropy in diffusion parameter...
PgammaPrior for amount of anisotropy in diffusion parameter gamma.
PlambdaPrior for transformation parameter of the Tobit model.
plot.spateMCMCPlot fitted spateMCMC objects.
plot.spateSimPlotting function for 'spateSim' objects.
PmuxPrior for y-component of drift.
PmuyPrior for y-component of drift.
Prho0Prior for range parameter rho0 of innovation epsilon.
Prho1Prior for range parameter rho1 of diffusion.
print.spateMCMCPrint function for spateMCMC objects.
print.spateSimPrint function for 'spateSim' objects.
propagate.spectralFunction that propagates a state (spectral coefficients).
Psigma2Prior for for variance parameter sigma2 of innovation...
Ptau2Prior for nugget effect parameter tau2.
PzetaPrior for damping parameter zeta.
real.fftFast calculation of the two-dimensional real Fourier...
real.fft.TSFast calculation of the two-dimensional real Fourier...
sample.four.coefSample from the full conditional of the Fourier coefficients.
spate.initConstructor for 'spateFT' object which are used for the...
spate.mcmcMCMC algorithm for fitting the model.
spateMCMC'spateMCMC' object output obtained from 'spate.mcmc'.
spateMLEMaximum likelihood estimate for SPDE model with Gaussian...
spate-packageSpatio-temporal modeling of large data with the spectral SPDE...
spate.plotPlot a spatio-temporal field.
spate.predictObtain samples from predictive distribution in space and...
spate.simSimulate from the SPDE.
summary.spateSimSummary function for 'spateSim' objects.
tobit.lambda.log.full.condFull conditional for transformation parameter lambda.
trace.plotTrace plots for MCMC output analysis. a matrix stacked vector. a stacked vector into matrix.
vnormEucledian norm of a vector
wave.numbersWave numbers.
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