Man pages for spcadjust
Functions for Calibrating Control Charts

cardiacsurgeryCardiac surgery data
getcdfupdatesCDF of Updates of a Control Chart
getqReturns a List to Compute Properties of a chart
runchartRuns a chart
SPC2sidedconfintComputes a two-sided confidence interval for properties of a...
SPCchart-classVirtual Base Class for Control Charts
SPCDataModel-classData Model for SPC charts
SPCEWMA-classEWMA Charts
SPCModellmData model based on a linear model
SPCModellogregLikRatioData Model for Binary Responses using a logarithmic model and...
SPCModellogregOEData Model for Binary Responses using a Logarithmic Model and...
SPCModelNonparGeneric Model for Nonparametric Resampling
SPCModelNonparCenterScaleNonparametric Resampling with Centering and Scaling
SPCModelNormalParametric Model for Normally Distributed Data with Centering...
SPCpropertyComputes bootstrap adjusted properties for control charts
SPCpropertyres-classResults of SPCproperty.
SPCShew-classShewhart charts.
updatesUpdates of a Control Chart
xiofdataEstimate Chart Parameters
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