cardiacsurgery: Cardiac surgery data

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A dataset describing the results of cardiac surgery. The data give information about the date of surgery, surgeon, Parsonnet score and outcome up to 90 days after surgery.




A data frame with 5595 rows and 5 variables:

date: date of the operation in days since the beginning of study
time: number of days between surgery and the earlier of death and 90 days
status: status at endpoint, 0/1 for censored/dead
Parsonnet: Parsonnet score of the patient
surgeon: surgeon performing the operation, numbered from 1 to 7


Based on the data described in Steiner et al (2000). A subset of the data has been selected, some noise has been introduced and the follow-up was censored at 90 days.


Steiner SH, Cook RJ, Farewell VT, Treasure T (2000). Monitoring surgical performance using risk-adjusted cumulative sum charts. Biostat 1(4) 441-452.

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