Man pages for speciesgeocodeR
Prepare Species Distributions for the Use in Phylogenetic Analyses

CalcRangeCalculate the Extent of Occurrence
CoExClassSpecies Coexistence Matrices in Given Areas.
countryrefCountry Centroids and Country Capitals
GeoCleanAutomated Cleaning of Geographic Coordinates
GetElevationElevation Data for Multiple Species
lemursDistribution of Lemur Species
lemurs_inExample for an spgeoIN Object
lemurs_testDistribution of Lemur Species with Problematic Records
MapGridPlotting Rasters in the Geographical Context
MapRichnessPlotting Species Richness in a Set of Polygons
mdg_biomesWWF Biomes of Madagascar
mdg_polyWWF Biomes of Madagascar in Table Format
PlotHullPlotting Species Ranges
plot.spgeoINPlot Method for SpgeoIN Objects
plot.spgeoOUTPlot Method for SpgeoOUT Objects
RangeRichnessSpecies Richness Raster from Range Polygons
ReadPointsLoading Data into SpeciesgeocodeR
RichnessGridSpecies Richness and Abundance Grids from Point Records
SpeciesGeoCoderA Complete SpeciesgeocodeR Analysis
speciesgeocodeR-packagePrepare Species Distributions for the Use in Phylogenetic...
Spgc2BiogeobearsGeography Input for BioGeoBEARS
SpGeoCodPoint to Polygon Classification from Text Files
SpGeoCodHA Standard a SpeciesgeocodeR Area Classification
summary.spgeoINSummary Method for SpgeoIN
summary.spgeoOUTSummary Method for SpgeoOUT
WriteOutWrite SpeciesgeocodeR results to the Working Directory
WwfLoadLoad the WWF Terrestrial Ecoregions
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