spectralGP: Approximate Gaussian Processes Using the Fourier Basis

Routines for creating, manipulating, and performing Bayesian inference about Gaussian processes in one and two dimensions using the Fourier basis approximation: simulation and plotting of processes, calculation of coefficient variances, calculation of process density, coefficient proposals (for use in MCMC). It uses R environments to store GP objects as references/pointers.

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AuthorChris Paciorek <paciorek@alumni.cmu.edu>
Date of publication2015-07-01 06:11:48
MaintainerChris Paciorek <paciorek@alumni.cmu.edu>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

add.blocks.gp: Adds coefficient block structure to a spectral GP object

calc.variances.gp: Calculates prior variances of coefficients in a spectral GP...

change.param.gp: Changes correlation function parameter values of a spectral...

copy.gp: Copy a spectral GP object.

expand.gpgrid.gp: Calculate grid locations for a spectral GP object.

getgrid.gp: Calculates the gridpoints in a spectral GP object

Gibbs.sample.coeff.gp: Samples new coeffients via Gibbs sampling in a spectral GP...

gp: Create a new GP object

Hastings.coeff.gp: Calculates Hastings value of coefficients

image.plot: Draws image plot with a legend strip for the color scale.

is.gp: Test if object is a spectral GP

lines.gp: Add a line plot for a one-dimensional process based on a...

logdensity.gp: Calculates log prior density of a spectral GP object

lonlat2xy: Projects lon/lat coordinates to x/y Euclidean coordinate...

matern.specdens: Matern correlation spectral density function

names.gp: The names of the elements of a GP object

new.mapping: Map arbitrary locations to gridpoints of spectral GP object

plot.gp: Plot a process based on a spectral GP object

points.gp: Add points for a one-dimensional process based on a spectral...

predict.gp: Prediction from a spectral GP object

print.gp: Spectral GP default print statement

propose.coeff.gp: Proposes new coeffients in a spectral GP object.

rdist.earth: Great circle distance matrix

simulate.gp: Simulates a process realization from a spectral GP object

spectralGP: spectralGP - tools for specifying Gaussian processes using...

spectralGP-generic: spectralGP generic functions

updateprocess.gp: Recalculate process values in a spectral GP object

xy2unit: Scales locations to the unit hypercube for use in spectral GP

zero.coeff.gp: Sets coefficients to zero in a spectral GP object


add.blocks Man page
add.blocks.gp Man page
calc.variances Man page
calc.variances.gp Man page
change.param Man page
change.param.gp Man page
copy Man page
copy.gp Man page
expand.gpgrid Man page
expand.gpgrid.gp Man page
getgrid Man page
getgrid.gp Man page
Gibbs.sample.coeff Man page
Gibbs.sample.coeff.gp Man page
gp Man page
Hastings.coeff Man page
Hastings.coeff.gp Man page
image_plot Man page
image_plot_info Man page
image_plot_plt Man page
is.gp Man page
lines.gp Man page
logdensity Man page
logdensity.gp Man page
lonlat2xy Man page
matern.specdens Man page
names.gp Man page
new.mapping Man page
plot.gp Man page
points.gp Man page
predict.gp Man page
print.gp Man page
propose.coeff Man page
propose.coeff.gp Man page
rdist.earth Man page
simulate Man page
simulate.gp Man page
spectralGP Man page
updateprocess Man page
updateprocess.gp Man page
xy2unit Man page
zero.coeff Man page
zero.coeff.gp Man page

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