Man pages for spectralGP
Approximate Gaussian Processes Using the Fourier Basis

add.blocks.gpAdds coefficient block structure to a spectral GP object
calc.variances.gpCalculates prior variances of coefficients in a spectral GP...
change.param.gpChanges correlation function parameter values of a spectral...
copy.gpCopy a spectral GP object.
expand.gpgrid.gpCalculate grid locations for a spectral GP object.
getgrid.gpCalculates the gridpoints in a spectral GP object
Gibbs.sample.coeff.gpSamples new coeffients via Gibbs sampling in a spectral GP...
gpCreate a new GP object
Hastings.coeff.gpCalculates Hastings value of coefficients
image.plotDraws image plot with a legend strip for the color scale.
is.gpTest if object is a spectral GP
lines.gpAdd a line plot for a one-dimensional process based on a...
logdensity.gpCalculates log prior density of a spectral GP object
lonlat2xyProjects lon/lat coordinates to x/y Euclidean coordinate...
matern.specdensMatern correlation spectral density function
names.gpThe names of the elements of a GP object
new.mappingMap arbitrary locations to gridpoints of spectral GP object
plot.gpPlot a process based on a spectral GP object
points.gpAdd points for a one-dimensional process based on a spectral...
predict.gpPrediction from a spectral GP object
print.gpSpectral GP default print statement
propose.coeff.gpProposes new coeffients in a spectral GP object.
rdist.earthGreat circle distance matrix
simulate.gpSimulates a process realization from a spectral GP object
spectralGPspectralGP - tools for specifying Gaussian processes using...
spectralGP-genericspectralGP generic functions
updateprocess.gpRecalculate process values in a spectral GP object
xy2unitScales locations to the unit hypercube for use in spectral GP
zero.coeff.gpSets coefficients to zero in a spectral GP object
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