Man pages for spikeSlabGAM
Bayesian Variable Selection and Model Choice for Generalized Additive Mixed Models

evalTermGet summaries of the posterior (predictive) distribution of...
fctGenerate design for a factor covariate
getPosteriorTermGet the posterior distribution of the linear predictor of a...
linGenerate orthogonal polynomial base for a numeric covariate...
mrfGenerate design for a 2-D Gaussian Markov Random Field
plot.spikeSlabGAMGenerates graphical summaries of a fitted model
plotTermPlot the estimated effect of a model term.
predict.spikeSlabGAMObtain posterior predictive/credible intervals from a...
print.summary.spikeSlabGAMPrint summary for posterior of a 'spikeSlabGAM' fit
rndGenerate design for a random intercept
smGenerate a reparameterized P-spline base
spikeAndSlabSet up and sample a spike-and-slab prior model.
spikeSlabGAMGenerate posterior samples for a GAMM with spike-and-slab...
srfGenerate design for penalized surface estimation.
ssGAM2BugsConvert samples from a model fitted with 'spikeSlabGAM' into...
ssGAMDesignGenerate design and model information for 'spikeSlabGAM'
summary.spikeSlabGAMSummary for posterior of a 'spikeSlabGAM' fit
uGenerate design for an always included covariate
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