Man pages for ssdtools
Species Sensitivity Distributions

autoplot.fitdistAutoplot fitdist
boron_dataCCME Species Sensitivity Data for Boron
boron_distsfitdists for CCME Boron Data
boron_hc5Model averaged 5% hazard concentration for CCME Boron Data
boron_lnormfitdist for CCME Boron Data
boron_predModel averaged predictions for CCME Boron Data
burrIII2Burr Type III Two-Parameter Distribution
burrIII3Burr Type III Three-Parameter Distribution
ccme_dataCCME Species Sensitivity Data
comma_signifComma and Significance Formatter
fluazinam_distsfitdists for fitdistrplus fluazinam Data
fluazinam_lnormfitdist for CCME Boron Data
fluazinam_predModel averaged predictions for fluazinam
gammaGamma Distribution
geom_hcintersectHazard Concentration Intersection
geom_ssdPlot Species Sensitivity Data
geom_xribbonRibbons Plot
gompertzGompertz Distribution
is.fitdistIs fitdist
is.fitdistcensIs censored fitdist
is.fitdistsIs fitdists
is.fitdistscensIs censored fitdists
lgumbelLog-Gumbel Distribution
llogisLog-Logistic Distribution
nobs.fitdistNumber of Observations
nobs.fitdistcensNumber of Observations
nparsGet the Number of Parameters
paramsParameter Descriptions for ssdtools Functions
paretoPareto Distribution
predict.fitdistPredict fitdist
predict.fitdistcensPredict censored fitdist
predict.fitdistsPredict fitdists
predict.fitdistscensPredict censored fitdists
ssd_ecdEmpirical Cumulative Density
ssd_exposurePercent Exposure
ssd_fit_distsFit Distributions
ssd_gofGoodness of Fit
ssd_hcHazard Concentration
ssd_hpHazard Percent
ssd_match_momentsMatch Moments
ssd_plotSSD Plot
ssd_plot_cdfPlot Cumulative Distribution Function
ssd_plot_cfCullen and Frey Plot
ssdtools-ggprotoBase ggproto classes for ggplot2
ssdtools-packagessdtools: Species Sensitivity Distributions
stat_ssdPlot Species Sensitivity Data
subset.fitdistsSubset fitdists
weibullWeibull Distribution
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