Man pages for stablelearner
Stability Assessment of Statistical Learning Methods

accuracyPrediction Accuracy from Stability Assessment Results
addLearnerAdd Learners to 'LearnerList'
bootstrapSampler Infrastructure for Stability Assessment
boxplotIllustrate Results from Stability Assessment
dgp_twoclassData-Ggnerating Function for Two-Class Problem
getLearnerGet Learner Details from 'LearnerList'
LearnerListList of Predefined Learners for Assessing Stability
plot.stabletreeVisualizing Tree Stability Assessments
similarity_measures_classificationSimilarity Measure Infrastructure for Stability Assessment...
similarity_measures_regressionSimilarity Measure Infrastructure for Stability Assessment...
similarity_valuesExtracting Similarity Values
stab_controlControl for Supervised Stability Assessments
stabilityStability Assessment for Results from Supervised Statistical...
stabletreeStability Assessment for Tree Learners
stabletree-coercionCoercion Functions
summarySummarize Results from Stability Assessment
titanicPassengers and Crew on the RMS Titanic
tunerTuning Wrapper Function
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